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I was wondering what evryone thought of the new Sam Adams light. Recently i felt the need to have a few cold ones after a period of abstinence. Evry now and then I get a bug up my ass and don’t drink at all. Now I’m out of the loop and need a few hints on some good high end beers.
If I’m going to burn out some brain cells, might as well do it in style. guiness and some Canadians were my favorites. I also liked Saranac. Anything high quality does the trick. i found if i go one or two over my limit, the high end beers don’t affect me the nexy day, while the standard domestics would.

Speaking as a Canadian, I have no problem admitting that any Molson, Sleeman or Labatt’s lagers are for peasants. If you have the opportunity try something from Unibroue, like ‘La Fin du monde’ or ‘La Maudite’.

Thanks, but remeber I’m a yank. our beer is for peasants. ban Canadian beer beats our domestics.
If I get to Toronto, I’ll check it out.

I stay away from light beer. Scary.

Nice, dark, stout beer. Yeah, babee. Like a hearty, refreshing meal in a pint. Yum.

I like bitter, hoppy beer myself, so most anything with “IPA” on the label works for me.

Almost anything from Red Hook, New Belgium, Lefthand, Odell’s or a few others are great. I don’t think New Belgium can make a bad beer, look for Fat Tire, 1554, Bierre de Mars, Blue Paddle, Loft, Tripple, Abbey, Sunshine Wheat or any other you can find. Descriptions are on the label, or check out www.newbelgium.com.

Die, you diabolical bastard. Maudite and Fin du monde? Maybe if you’ve got some paint in your stomach that needs thinning. Of course, i just had some Boreal blonde at the Bifteck, which is the epitomy of peasant beer…maybe a middle ground, like St. Amboise?