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Let me generalize: We all like beer. What’s everyone’s favorite beer, and least favorite? I’d say give me a Beck’s or a Stella Artois (sorry I’m an import snob) anyday. Least favorite: Any American beer :slight_smile:

I hate beer, I hate alcohol.
Therefore your statement, “we all like beer” is false :smiley:

Warsteiner and Killians are my two favorites.

It depends on my mood. If I want a heavy, full-flavored beer, give me a Guinness Stout. If in a lighter mood, Sam Adams’ Boston Ale or Lager are great. If I’m having something light like sushi or other seafoods, I would have to vote for Asahi Super Dry. Sometimes, a cold Grolsh with its bitter hoppy bite really hits the spot. There are a lot of great American beers out there now. I would say that it is a golden age of micro brews in the US. Pete’s Wicked Ale is awesome. Anchor Steam beer (its been around for a long time) is good too. Sierra Nevada pale ale is loved by hopheads. I would actually prefer to drink a fresh locally brewed beer over any big name import that had to endure the long hot journey overseas. I have always been disappointed by Pilsner Urquells (the first pilsner ever from Pilsen, Czech Republic), but I’m sure it is great if you drink it at the source.

Beer does not make you look good naked. Beer is bad. Don’t drink beer.

Oh, and I prefer dark beers. If you can see through it, it won’t do. Any black-as-tar microbrew at a steakhouse is nice.

Bad, but nice.

Shiner Bock or Killian’s Red

I don’t like beer, but I don’t hate it either.
It has empty calories besides everything else. I hate wine and everything stronger than wine though. I drink mostly plain water and carbonated mineral water.

No, no, Chris, you’ve got it all wrong. Beer
DOES make you look better naked - at least
until the girl becomes sober. :slight_smile:

I have two favorite beers: Budweiser and “free”. ha ha

chris has it perfictly…if light passes though it i don’t drink it.

guinness all the way!

I haven’t had a drink for quite some time - cut back on it in a big, big way =) However, I love my beer! I’m partial to Becks, Stella, and Heineken - I like my European imports. I also love Irish and British stouts and ales, with Guiness, Kilkenny, and Newcastle Brown Ale some other favourites of mine. As for Australian beer, I enjoy Cascade Premium Lager, James Boag Premium, and if I’m really desperate and short for cash, god-forbid, the dreaded Carlton Draught! VB, Fosters, XXXX, etc. are all evil Australian brews that should not be touched, ever!

Draught Guinness. Or Budweiser in a bottle. Hell, come to think of it, just about anything that doesn’t have a picture of an animal or a homeless guy on it. But I only drink because it makes other people more interesting.

Another vote for Shiner here! I also like wheat ales - nice and crisp and slightly fruity.

I am 18 and have learned much from u all about not drinking…thank you. :slight_smile:

But in future,I’ll definitely try one of those dark dark ones Chris suggested…with steak and all…

I like Corona, But I rarely drink. I will be alcholic want a compagnie will do a High-protein beer :slight_smile:

Black and Tan baby! Guiness and Harp

Gimme Guinness or gimme death!!! -


guinness party at my house!!! grin

The Beast, Stoners, Miller, and Natty (all of them light). I am the cheapest drunk you can imagine.

For all you stout lovers out there who cite
Guinness as your favorite, you might want to
consider trying some other stouts. Guinness
is the “Budweiser of stouts” (derogatory).
I’ve traveled a lot, and I used to live in
Portland OR. Portland is by far the best beer
haven I have ever been to, especially for
microbrews. Aside from microbrews, the best
widely available stout I’ve found is one
called “Obsidian Stout” by Deschuttes brewery
based out of Bend OR. If you like Guinness,
you HAVE to try this - assuming you can find
it. I guarantee that once you try an Obsidian,
you will never want to drink another Guinness.
But no, I don’t drink alcohol much, anymore.