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Beer & Wine


Reccomend to me a good beer

and a good wine.

I have ladies to impress...and one likes fine beer and one likes fine wine.

K, make it happen boys :-p

I haven't drank in a year and half... I'd usually just shotgun vodka.


Chico's best Sierra Nevada. (This is for You)

Go with some Corona too for any ladies who like beer.

What food are you going to eat?...then we can look at the wine.


For domestic, Corona with a lime is a classy beer. Imported, I like Boddington. I don't know much about wine. My girlfriend does or thinks she does. We like Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio. A nice, crisp mid-priced white. Real wine drinkers drink red. Maybe a Merlot.


As red wine suggestion I really like Yellow Tail, as do most of the wine drinkers I know. It's Australian. It wouldn't be classified as a "fine wine" but it's really good nonetheless. I don't believe a wine has to be outrageously expensive to be good.


I'd get a bottle of Pinot Noir, which is red wine and has absolutely a great, fruity taste. Even those who are not regular wine drinkers find it to taste wonderful. Also great as a digestive.

Blanc de Blanc you can get pretty much anywhere and is cheap and decent white wine. If your girl is classy I wouldn't buy that one though, because it's also know as the cheap guys' wine :-p
Any Chardonnay is good.

Also, get a bottle of Bailey's.
I haven't met a woman in my life who didn't swoon over a bottle of Bailey's when she saw one.

And Martini. And chocolate to go with that.

And if you wanna knock her out make her a vodka martini, but half in half instead of 1/4 - 3/4 ... half a glass and she'll be in. Just don't take gulps of it.


After reading again you said SHE dirinks beer. Have both the micro and corona....Food?


Beer: Smithwick's or La Fin du Monde

Wine: Two Buck Chuck's, otherwise known as Charles Shaw. Get it at Trader Joe's


Newcastle Brown Ale or Negro Modelo. The Modelo is darker and has nice chocolate overtones (beer snob alert).

Both are pretty strong, but the Modelo has a richer flavor.

I like Anchor Steam as well, or the porter - closer to a stout. For light beer, I would say a Sam Adams is a good choice, or a Shiner Blonde.

The Newcastle is one of my favorites. I've had it at the pub at the brewery in Newcastle upon Tyne. Yum.

Oh yeah, I don't drink much anymore. Just doesn't fit me now.

Good luck!



I think Corona's your best bet for the ladies, as Rockscar said. But maybe for you a really good ale is Pyramid Hefeweizen, and Pyramid makes other good ales as well. Budweiser Select is pretty new and although a low carb beer its being marketed as a "different taste" and the brewing process is supposed to be different. Could be a conversation piece, although some view low carb beers as gay and pointless. I havent' tried it myself.

Maybe look into Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay, although I'm not a wine connesiur, KJ is good but I'm sure there are more expensive, or 'better' ones out there. Sorry that's all I got.


Have a bottle of Tequila on hand so you can really have a party if it looks like the night's gonna turn out that way.


bro wine is my life. it's really tough to recommend not knowing your tastes or your girl's tastes or your experience. not to sound all high brow but the palate grows and becomes more demanding with experience. i could tell you shit that's out there right now that i think is the best thing i ever tasted for 20 bucks but you might not see the beauty of it cause you just don't have the palate time where as i taste anywhere from 20-100 wines a week..

ok that being said there is nobody and i mean nobody on this earth who won't flip over a good bottle of moscato d'asti -which translates from italian as "panty remover" . it's lightly sparkling - what the italians call "frizzante". its also has some residual sugar so it'll be sweet, but if it's a good one it willnot be sticky sweet and so delicious you'd better get two bottles. one for before dinner, one for after. wouldn't recommend it with dinner, but it'd be great for desert. go to a good store and ask for a recommendation. expect to pay 12-15 bucks a btl.

you get what you pay for so don't mess around with any crap for less money unless the guy really knows his shit and is recommending it.

you could also go with champagne. nobody turns their nose up to champagne. again i mean real frickn champagne. bollinger, pol roger, taittinger, veuve-cliquot-chicks dig veuve cause it's owned by a woman. but there you're starting at 30 bucks a btl, and for the brands i just mention more like 50 and up. and you will score points with cahmpagne for sure but you won't get the oh my god this is sooo freakin good i want to slurp it outta your naval response you will with the moscato d'asti. the italians know what's frickn goin' on let me tell ya.


If you have a Trader Joe's near you or a wide selection liquor store like Beverages and More try the Chimay Blue label. It's an abbey ale (slightly less carbonated and higher in alcohol content), but great tasting. For wines, the Big House Red at Trader Joe's is about $8, and really good (don't mind the screw top cap, it's actually better for preventing oxidization than the traditional cork). Otherwise for a white, any Sauvignon Blanc, or Viognier (slightly sweeter) would be great choices .


Can you get ahold of a friend of the girl and find out what she likes?(ale, porter, lager, etc). Men usually don't care what we drink as long as we get a buzz but girls are picky and I know you want to score brownie points(which translate into bedroom points!) ;]


salmon grilling it myself assorted vegetables and some sort of pasta with that white sauce stuff... I don't know the terms just how to cook it.


Beer: Try bottled Budvar, the original Budweiser brewed in Budweis, Czech Republic. Beautifully smooth lager.

Wine: A good bottle of Chateauneuf Du Pape


I agree with the above recommendation- Chimay- is a good beer- I prefer their red label- but I ilke all three (red, white, and blue).

As for wine- some sparkiling wine is always good to have on hand for a warm summer night- any cheap brand should suffice.

For red wine- I like Clos Du Bois Cabarnet. It's about $12 per bottle


A write up for you:

Normally, my choice with salmon is Pinot Noir, the classic exception to the "white wine with fish" rule.

A good Chardonnay, or other non-tannic red should also work well.




The man knows beer!


Newcastle is the nectar of the gods. Absolutely love it (and find it funny that it is so good on tap, but the English consider it a "bottled beer". Go figure). If you don't think the ladies will be into a darker beer (although Newcastle is very smooth), I am pretty damn fond of Stella Artois. Hell, had 2 of them tonight with dinner. Lighter beer, Belgian and just a solid pick to go with anything, including salmon and grilled veggies. Plus it's just fun to pronounce. Stellaa Ahhtwaa.



Newcastle Brown is a blend of the pale ale and the dark. It isn't brewed specifically, therefore it is mostly bottled. Newcastle has a lot of brews, we just don't get them here.

And yes, it is the nectar of the gods. When I do drink, I'll get Newcastle. Unless I am having seared tuna. Then I'll have Red Stripe. MMmmm, tuna.