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Beer Thread


lets talk about beer, and suggest beer for other people.
I don't really know much about beer. But I know that I really love the following:

Innis and Gunn
Waterloo Dark

What other beers would you suggest. I like full dark/creamy flavors with a foggy smooth aftertaste. What I really hate is that bitter sharp bite aftertaste that a lot of crap beers have, especially near the bottom.


I have outgrown Keystone and Natty...I think its time for good beer as well.

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"Indeed, old Bean, indeed"





steel reserve.

Many a good drinker has fallen prey to steel reserve.


LMAO, oh man, the stories.....


classic Yuengling

new favorite for summer is Shock Top


Since you live in Ontario I'm just going to name things available at the local LCBO...

Erdinger is a very mediocre beer IMO...at least mediocre for Germany. Try Schneider Weisse, Schneider Weisse Organic (with a green label), Hacker Pschorr or Weihenstephaner...all excellent wheat beers. Actually if you like a darker beer go with the Schneider Weisse...it's quite dark for a wheat.

Innis and Gunn.....not a bad beer, unfortunately nothing you'll find at the LCBO tastes anything like it. As far as I know its the only oak-barrel aged beer available (the oak gives it that vanilla/toffee flavour)

Some recommendations...(all at the LCBO)

Chimay Red (only comes in 750ml bottle)
Trois Pistoles (made in Quebec, only available at the beer store)
Fuller's Porter (or ESB....their "Champion Ale" tastes funny to me)
Creemore Kellerbier (only in 500ml cans)
Mill St. Sampler Pack (6 pack of mixed beers, all pretty good!)

These should get you started. Whatever you do, don't buy ANYTHING made by Trafalgar brewing. Its a crap company out of Oakville who spends more effort on making pretty bottles than making good beer.


You know for some reason I prefer Erdinger over Schneider Weisse

Thanks for the recommendations though!


This thread makes me sad


Get your ass to Texas to pick up Shiner Boc.



Beer fridge.


Nice! Sometimes I wish I lived in the States just to get access to some of your amazing micros. In Japan you're limited to a few good exports, and Ontario is improving but still pretty sub-par. I can't read the labels...what do you have in there?


i have oberon right now
two hearted ale is good as well


Only ones I recognize are Magic Hat #9, ketchup, cocoa powder, natural pb, and ... cocktail sauce?


maybe salsa?

Also bisquik and rice milk.


Nice id of Magic Hat #9.

Long Trail Brewing Co. "Harvest Ale" (Vermont micro)

Smuttynose Brewing Co. "Old Brown Dog Ale" and "Shoal's Pale Ale" (New Hampshire micro)

Shipyard "Old Thumper", "Lighthouse Light" and "Export Ale" (Maine former micro)

Also in rotation: Geary's Pale Ale and Stout (Maine micro), Stella Artois, Yeungling (family from NJ/PA/MD are required to bring when they come up to visit), and a host of "Flying Dog Brewery" beers (like "Old Scratch").

That's "salsa".. LOL!

Oh, yeah--- FUCK Sam Adams.


Oh the sinks that have had to be cleaned because drunks find it much more convenient than the toilet...until they have to clean it.

Also I showed up to the tail end of a party once and found 1 guy I barely know lying alone on the kitchen floor with two steel reserves left in a six pack. He just held the pack up from the floor at me and said "Take these, I never want to see them again"

I obliged.


Gotta respectfully disagree on this.

Sam Adams Boston Lager is a solid beer, at least compared to the majority of what you find in most stores. It also serves as a "gateway beer" from the world of Coors et al. into the better beers.

I'm a huge fan of Jim Koch, the man who runs Sam Adams. He loves beer, brews some pretty good seasonals, and holds contests every year for homebrewers (the winners of which Sam Adams puts into production for a few months).

Koch and Garrett Oliver (Brooklyn Beer) are two of the best spokesmen "good beer" has IMO...


Shiner Black is the tastiest mouthgasm I have ever experienced.