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Beer Money for Pat Condell

If you do not know who PatCondell is, here is his site:

If you click at “feedback” you have access to some of the death threats against him.


Since he has a paypal account just to buy him beer if you like his videos, please do not hesitate to buy him some if you also happen to have an account.

Plus, the poor guy is a vegetarian and makes his own tofu, which are even more reasons to get him drunk occasionally.

“Submit, obey, do not question…”


Hey, I can respect his attitude, at least. I’d rather more Christians adopt it themselves. I run into too many go along to get along types. We aren’t trying to win a popularity contest or make all nicey-nice with modern culture. But still, you’ll see weak kneed Christians afraid to say anything that offends. “You can’t just say homosexuality is a sin?! They won’t like us!” Of course I just say, ‘so?’ So yeah, I can at least appreciate this image.

HA! This guy is great!

That was brilliant.