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Beer Makes You Stronger


I knew that the drinkers would love this, so I just wanted to run this program by you.

Monday-heavy legs and abs
drink Heineken
Tuesday-light upper body pressing
drink light beer
Thursday- light legs and arms
drink Molson
Friday-heavy upperbody
drink Coronas
Weekend- cardio
drink light beer

My numbers are going up, so Im thinking that it is the beer, not the fact that I train smart and intense.

I figure that by the time I can kill a keg in a week, I should be squatting over 1000, does that make sense?


I would ditch that god awful Heine's and drink a Guiness after leg days. That, my friend, will make you strong.

Beer drinking and pizza, may I add, go together like test and tren, as far as the barbell man is concerned.


Did balbos just change names and avatars? This definitely looks like a balbos thread.

Stay Strong

Your brother-DC


Ditch that terrible beer, man. A Rochefort 10 compliments heavy lifting well :slightly_smiling:


Here we go. Another beer dick pulling contest.


During cardio I would drink a 40, thats what I see the young kids drinking during their cardio, it's even police assisted.


I like those, I win them.


You can never win. Everybody knows that us Aussies are the best beer dick pullers in the world.


That's a funny as hell workout program you got going! hahahah. And what's with some of you knocking those beers?!?!? Those are great beers!