QUICK QUESTION. How much beer do you think is acceptible per week to maintain leaness and not gain weight? 6 pack? Take in the fact that I have above avg matabolism and work out 4 times a week. I’m afraid to hear that I need to cut it out completely.
-K O N G

a keg a day … but that’s me … YMMV.


(are you for real?)

I think a better question for you would be:

How much progress can I make while consuming a six-pack a week?

I highly doubt you’d be able to just drop drinking in light of goals. If you had that capability it would have happened already.

Sorry buddy but you aren’t going to find the answer you are looking for here.

Oh and about your “high metabolism”… Your just helping me quantify your wasted potential.

[quote]TriGWU wrote:
I think a better question for you would be:

How much progress can I make while consuming a six-pack a week?

I highly doubt you’d be able to just drop drinking in light of goals. If you had that capability it would have happened already.

Sorry buddy but you aren’t going to find the answer you are looking for here.

Oh and about your “high metabolism”… Your just helping me quantify your wasted potential. [/quote]

OK. So I guess everybody on here are text book weight lifting clones that intake just the necessary nutrients to achieve perfect performance. I’m not looking for an answer of “2 cases a week” but there are moderations in everything. I was curious of the guys that do enjoy a beer, what they do.If you don’t drink at all, so be it. I do. I enjoy a couple beers on the weekend. Any day you want to talk about my potential, bring it. There are beginners on here, pros and then everybody in the middle.

There’s no hard and fast limit. Drink it or not; it’s your choice.

I have not entirely read it, but I believe the Anabolic Diet allows beer on the weekend (I could be wrong though). Either way, I know it is a very effective diet. Check out Shugart’s articles on it and the “My Experience on the Anabolic Diet” thread.

I know this is a very effective tool for your goals of LBM gain and it may allow you enough booze to keep you sane.

Nowadays, I am looking to gain size through a westside program, after maintaining a boxer’s kind of body. I figure by drinking alot (4-5 nights a week) I am shooting myself in the foot. So I drink less, like on the weekends only.

If you’re drinking enough that you think you could gain weight from it, then there is a more serious issue.

Bottom line: Serious training requires being sober and not having hangovers. Keep it low.

I’ve been able to drink three or four times a week college style without putting on much weight. But . . . I eat really well, I’ll work out hungover even though it hurts, and my metabolism has become a pretty good furnance. And I don’t eat late night even when drunk . . .I think that’s a big one.

If I didn’t drink though, I’d look better. My cutting phases usually just consist of not drinking for a while, or limiting myself to two or three drinks once or twice a week. There’s a lot of calories in booze, and they do nothing but make you fat.

Yep. I keep it to a minimum. Low carb also. Honestly, if you guys all don’t drink then I commend that. I enjoy it in moderation. It’s like anything else. Overdue it and it’s going to become a problem. Some diets allow you to eat what you want one day a week. I was just curious as to what other people have set up. If it ever became a problem where I was packing on the lbs, it would stop. In my 20’s I never had to worry about it. Just trying some preventative maintenance. Don’t mean to get offensive, but I’ve been in the trenches, put my time in and continue to do so. Tri- thanks for the diet example.

I’m a regular drinker, however I’ve cut it out on weekdays, not for lifting results, but for family appreciation and involvement purposes.

I used to drink 2-5 beers a day. I did not gain too much belly weight from it, but I’d say the stomach carries an extra 2 lbs of fat when I do drink regularly. I also drink the Heavy stuff, Sierra.

I hear you about wanting to have some drinks here and there…totally.

Everyone has different priorities and goals.

I’d say avoid BEER specifically.
Try wine or mixed drinks that aren’t too high in sugar.
Or if you must drink beer, have something that is darker and richer…Guiness, Bass, etc…as opposed to the Coronas of the world. You’re much less likely to have 6 glasses of something heavier like Guiness than you would be with corona.

But try cutting out beer. You’ll definitely see a difference in your body if you cut out beer for a month.

Honestly, one beer a week would make barely any difference, and a couple a week would be about the same. So why not a couple a night? In fact, if a couple a night isn’t a big deal, why not drink 14 beers a day?

Okay, basically what I’m saying here is that each beer won’t do much to hurt your performance, but they add up fast. I also think it’s non-linear, because your body has a much harder time recovering from a six pack in one night than it does a six pack over two days. Both are the same amount of calories, but with alcohol, you have to worry about your body recovering too.

[quote]bkavulla wrote:
I’d say avoid BEER specifically.
Try wine … aren’t too high in sugar.[/quote]



I stick to hard liquor, mostly whiskey, one or two nights a week. I still maintain single digit bodyfat. I also think eating late at night, like so many other people do while loaded, contributes a whole lot towards getting a beer belly. If my freinds didn’t insist on throwing down burritos at 3 a.m. then maybe their “beer bellies” wouldn’t be so damn large.

I have also gone with liquor mixed with a non-calorie soda.

I’ve actually replaced pretty much all of my beer drinking with these.

I personally noticed that going through a 12 pack in about 3-4 days, every 1-2 weeks put quite a bit of a gut on me.

A while back I stopped all the drinking for about 2 months (due mostly to money issues) and I noticed that I lost a good bit of my gut.

When I had a bit more money again, I figgured I would try the liquor and non-calorie soda and my gut didn’t come back.

I do miss beer every so often though.

I usually try to stay under 3 a night on the weekends. I’ve cut out beer or any kind of alcohol on the weekdays. Keep in mind these are light beers(100 cals per bottle or less). I rarely go out both Friday and Saturday nights so I’m not worried about it. I stopped working out on Sunday mornings mostly because if I do a double header weekend that is enough to effect my performance. But like another said, if you are drinking so much that you are worrying about weight gain, you might want to throttle back…a lot.

I dropped cheat meals and added in alcohol on the weekends. No issues so far

Well, shit. If that is your response to the reply you didn’t want to hear, but knew was coming anyway, why did you even have to ask?

Tri said it best: you aren’t going to get a valid answer. The more you drink, the more it will hurt you’re training/negatively alter your physique. Plain and simple. Only you can answer the question you asked based on how much progress you are willing to sacrifice.

Make no mistake, I am not criticizing you’re decision to drink. I drink. I know it is counterproductive. I have no regrets. It’s a trade off. As you said, moderation is the key, and the definition of moderation is subjective.

One last note: don’t put too much faith into the lo carb shit. It’s the alcohol that makes you fat anyway.

I have two kinds of friends… . fat ones that drink… . and skinny ones that drink. …

Some insight into this…

The body loves equilibrium. If you consistently give your body alcohol day in and day out, it will adapt and to and process said substance for effectively. I’d gander than one or two beers a day wouldn’t have any adverse effects. It’s the infrequent “partying” style drinking that destroys you.

For me, I react horribly to depressants. Marijuana, alcohol, whatever… I’m in a haze and in a sour mood for days after. I stopped caring about my diet and experienced minor depression. This is what made me stop drinking.

What I realized - the longer you go without it, the more it doesn’t matter. Not waking up feeling like crap and knowing I have a workout to do is worth far more than the 2 hours or so of delusional fun I’ll experience with alcohol. 2 hours of fun vs. innumerable hours of progress lost… I can find my fun elsewhere thank you.