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Beer Is Better Than Water...


...for re-hydration after a vigorous workout, according to scientists at Granada U. in Spain.

That explains all the ripped physiques I see on homeless men drinking out of paper bags in Boston.


Did anyone else notice this?

further down the page...


I fucking hate seeing shit like this. I remember in High School some skinny-ass, druggy know-it-all was telling me that beer was better for you than milk and that I shouldn't be wasting my time drinking milk.

This guy is probably one of the least healthiest people I know and now smokes a pack and a half at this point in his life. I don't care what scientists come up with about beer being superior to good food or whatever. In actual practice, it's bullshit.



Well, not really.

I can only imagine what would happen if scientists decided to recommend 8 8oz glasses of beer a day.


Beer + Ginger Ale = Awesome after running hills.


if you took away the alcohol content of beer (not sure if it could still be beer then...)

it seems like this is plausible. They are high GI carbs, with a little sodium (which speeds up h2o uptake) and is delicious...

i don't see how you are all so appalled...



is it just me or does beer make you piss. I don't know if it's a diuretic? Sounds like bullshit to me.


Beer makes me piss like a racehorse.


I'm shocked that The Daily Mail would publish bullshit stories. Shocked I tell you!


Pretty sure it's a diuretic.

Either way, this sounds just like the article someone posted of that doctor who claims to not have drank water in 20 years. Please...


More sex


I always seem to have a headache the next day


That probably has nothing to do with dehydration.

Here's a new policy. Take every scientific study with a grain of salt...especially if it's from a company or if it's from a country that hasn't gotten into space.


Great advice.