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Beer & Gyno: Precautionary Tale

College, lifting, prohormones, drinking. What a recipe for disaster. Well the title says it all so lets get down to business.

I had gotten some dbol from a buddy, and i was ready to get huge. Sides were not going to be an issue for me, it was my delusion that with “pulsing” an oral steroid you could get decent gains without any sides. Hey i was ready to go, no need for pct right? only taking 20mg before a workout 3x a week wouldnt really lower my test… hell it might rebound in those off days!

I couldnt have been more wrong.

I began pulsing for quite some time without feeling any ill effects, and getting some decent gains, but it was more about how i felt in the gym… awesome.Mixed with lifting was my college lifestyle, I had cut back on drinking in this, my senior year, but i’d still go out maybe once a week to drink with my friends. Still with no side affects, until i stopped taking the dbol.

I had felt my natural test getting low and swore one of my testes was getting smaller so i decided to stop using. It was maybe 3 days later that my friend had a party and we all went ape shit crazy.

This is when the gyno struck. Now i have had some gyno from puberty, it bothered me but not to a serious extent. But after my night of drinking it was full blown gyno, i was in front of the mirror in shock that beer and alcohol could have such a profound effect on hormones… But wait it gets worse, for some reason i tried to squeeze one of them, you betcha, some prolactin issue. i freaked out and didnt drink for a week and my gyno went back to normal within 2days. But wait, a week later was my friends 21st birthday, and it was time for atlantic city!

The morning after… gyno again, and better yet i had a text message from one of my friends who was suffering from the same problem, he was comin off a cycle of havoc and now he had gyno too.

My lesson learned here is although i knew prohormones are no joke, the aftercare and really just general care you need to take with your body is the upmost importance. Hopefully my gyno will get down to the normal levels they were at before, but when I get some money i will be running a letro cycle as posted here as a sticky.

Beer and Alcohol bad news.

I see no mention of SERM’s or other PCT chems.

I’ve read that alcohol can raise Estrogen levels in men. Thus the anger issues some face while drunk. And libido issues others face after having too many drinks.

Take it for what it’s worth. I hope your condition gets better.

Dbol isn’t a prohormone. 20mg, 3 times a week probably shut you down.

How do you ‘feel’ your natural test getting low anyway?

If you were using an AI you probably wouldn’t have gotten gyno, regardless of the alcohol.

You sound like a fool.

Alcohol absolutely does increase estrogen IME.

The first time i got gyno was on a sust cycle when i was a kid. I had my second injection of 250 which was in the second week (yes, that’s right).
I went out and drank alot and the next morning - hey presto. i know i would have got gyno eventually with no estrogen control, BUT i know it was the alcohol that made it come so soon at so low a dose.

I believe i have read somewhere it increases aromatase. I am sure i read that somewhere… :confused:


I hesitate to comment on this thread given the apparent maturity level of the OP. But…

During the summer months I am a bit of a party going guy. I try to keep it to once a week or once every two weeks, but that doesnt always work out. I have never had any gyno symptoms resulting from heavy drinking, even at 1000mg/week of Testosterone and .5mg/day of Anastrozole.

I am in no way encouraging this behaviour, nor am I saying that I will never suffer gyno symptoms from such behaviour. I am simply stating my experience.

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
Dbol isn’t a prohormone.[/quote]

Phew. I thought I was seeing things for a second there. Thank god someone else picked up on this.