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Beer Guts

I’m wondering if someone can explain this phenomenon to me. About a year ago when I was at 20% body fat (and yes, I had a gut) the fat on my body seemed pretty well distributed … arms, legs, gut, etc. Now, I’ve seen some guys with chicken arms and legs, sunken chests, zero ass, and wonderful, glorious beer guts. Knowing some of them, I’d have to think that beer is a good source of their buddha-like bellies; but no doubt their diets are lacking too. Anyway, I’m just curious as to what makes their bellies bulge so unproportionate to the rest of their bodies! Strange thread to start I know … but I was surrounded by too many of them yesterday and just needed to jot down my wonderment.

Mostly just being male. From what I understand(and personal experience) most men store their fat in their abdominal region. When you get into higher levels of bodyfat, that’s when it starts to spread. But at lower levels, it’ll pretty much concentrate right there. I know, I can’t seem to get rid of my damn love handles. My experience on the T-Dawg diet and MD-6 brought my bodyfat down, and I got better definition in my serratus muscles, but thise love handles have been darn stubborn. Looks like it’s T2 for me!

Beer drinking it self could encourage a “beer gut”, because the stomach is stretched from the beer, and generally the drinker is sitting down and not paying attention to posture. Over the years I could see this causing a beer gut… couple w/ excess body fat of course.

Abdominal fat, especially working out still, suggests their growth hormone levels may be lacking.

I do not remember where I read this, but fat is preferentially laid down in the abdomen when there is high cortisol levels. This may be why abdominal fat correlates with e.g. heart disease i.e. because high cortisol levels produce lots of bad changes in the body e.g. impair insulin sensitivity…

This sounds stupid, but I read somewhere that a lot of beer guts are because of a grain allergy that causes water retention in the abdomen. Like I said, sounds a bit suspect. Probably came from MuscleMag

Just having a bad posture can give you a beer belly. Hyper lordosis pushes out the gut and having a gut pulls your spine into hyper lordosis. hyper kyphosis in the upper part of the spine lets the chest cave in, which pushes down on the abdomen for extra guts. Hanging guts pull on the chest so it sacks in even more. These guys prolly aint fat… They lack the muscle to keep themselves together.