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Beer Bottle Genie


I've read the forums for years and suddenly I'm in a mood to post and start threads... :slight_smile:

On your third beer a genie shoots out of the bottle and offers you two muscles that will grow significantly overnight. You choice is .... ???


Quads and medial delts.



Quads and traps.


Calves and hammies


interesting - I was thinking quads and traps or delts too but I expected to see more lats, biceps, forearm type answers. I probably should answer biceps and calves since I’m naturally bigger in the torso and hips and smaller in arms and legs, but I’m no bodybuilder, just a middle aged guy who wants to look like he can tear your arms off and beat you with them. Oh, and also perform insane amounts of heavy work when needed…


delts and lats


Calves, and depending on my mood, delts or tris lol


Medial delts and biceps


ass and titties


[quote]flipcollar wrote:
ass and titties[/quote]




lowerback/glutes/hams & traps


[quote]flipcollar wrote:
ass and titties[/quote]