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Beer Bonging Water?

I have a difficult time drinking my fair share of water, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I was chronically dehydrated.

Call me crazy or retarded, but would there be any potential negative consequences of beer bonging water? I ask because quite frankly I HATE drinking water all of the time, I never even approach a gallon, and I don’t like the flavor.

However, I am a reasonably adept beer bonger (and we can forgo the jokes about me being able to relax my throat). I find it pretty easy to slam 20 oz. of water in one sitting. I feel a bit full afterwards but it passes quickly.

Anyway, lets say I space this out and have 6 bongings of 20 oz. each–would the rapid influx of water cause any problems? I have heard that drinking water too quickly (more than 8 oz. in one sitting) will release a diuretic response, which would kind of defeat the purpose of drinking a lot.

[quote]Fiction wrote:

Call me crazy or retarded[/quote]

You are crazy or retarded

Yes it will release a diuretic response.
you can possible cause your cells in your body to undergo apotosis which is cell death. They become hypertonic and swell up until they pop. Too much water too fast can kill you. If you spread it out as stated you should be fine minus the diuretic part. My advice is to just get used to it. Water tastes like nothing so just get used to it. I’ve done my fair share of beer bongs and i know one thing. you won’t make any progress in the gym doing them, relaxed throat or not. Sorry dood just had to throw the joke in somewhere, hope you can forgive me. lol



Bad idea.

Maybe you have bad water - get a brita filter. Or perhaps try some crystal lite drink mix and slowly reduce the amount over time.

I’m going to go with “retarded”, over “crazy.”

The crystal light method seems to be popular for people who have a hard time downing large amounts of water. Try that or similar brand.

You should definately not beer bong water. I would suggest as others already have, mix water with crystal light.

Who cares whether or not you approach a gallon?

Drink green tea. Drink flavored waters. Drink when you are thirsty and with each meal.

Don’t overthink this.

If you are gonna be in this sport, learn to love it. Flavor up a gallon with some tea exctract and a fruity flavor and drink it down (not all at once). I take a gallon, mark it off with a sharpie 1/4 notches and make sure the thing is done before I have my night time snack. Do you pee a lot, yes. Is water good? Try drinkin it ice cold as well. Just my 2 cents.


i think he’s joking

[quote]Fiction wrote:
(and we can forgo the jokes about me being able to relax my throat)[/quote]

Lol, he said he can relax his throat… Giggity giggity gay!

Using a straw is a whole lot easier, and works just fine for getting more water/day.

[quote]Padilla7921 wrote:
Fiction wrote:
(and we can forgo the jokes about me being able to relax my throat)

Lol, he said he can relax his throat… Giggity giggity gay![/quote]

U a Family Guy fan??