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Beer, Bitching, and Lifting

Well, I figured it was about time I started some form of a log here on the T-Nation. A whole bunch of humbo jumbo is going on for me right now so maybe this will help keep my head straight(er).

A little background:

I’ve been lifting on and off for around 4 years with about an entire year off in between. Probably only 2 of those years were actually spent gaining anything though.

I’m not that tall and I don’t weigh that much. I’m not weak but I’m not strong (T-Nation standard strong, anyways). I drink too much and I don’t eat enough. I make slow gains and I sabotage myself completely but I still push forward anyway. lulz and I love beer.

My main goals are to not get a beer belly, gain muscle, and gain some strength - not necessarily in that order. I’m probably what you would call a ‘recreational’ lifter.

What this log will feature:

Most probably some ranting will occur here. Also, I will try to post my lifts and such a day or two after I perform them. Also, I will post any beer reviews I come up with here and I’ll let you know what I’m brewing. BEER!


Oh, shit! My log just got real. One of the strongest dudes on this site stopped by!

Thanks for following along, man, and don’t make fun of my lifts too much! You dwarf me in size and lifts!

Alrighty, so today was:

Shoulders, traps, and triceps
High incline press - warm up and ramp up to 150 x 6, 5, and 5. I felt weak as hell on these today. I got 11 on 150 last week and was expecting to be able to go up to 160.

Lean away lateral raises - 40 x 8, 8, 8

Shrugs - 130 x 10, 220x5, 300x 4, 2, 1 - my grip absolutely sucks. I need to invest in harder CoC grippers because I only have up to the 100lb one.

Overhead extensions w/ Ez-Bar - bar x 20, 65 x 12, 90 x 8, 5, 5 - I was stronger on these than I expected. I had mostly been doing lying ez-extensions but I wanted a change of pace. The Ez-bar is harsh on the wrists though when doing overheads.

Kept it short and called it a day. I caught a head cold sometime during the last few days and I feel like hell. If I feel better tomorrow I’ll probably wind up doing Back/Hammies.

I thought some of you would find this entertaining. I took this old true protein jug (used to have 5lbs of whey in it) and turned it into a fermenting vessel/bottling bucket for brewing beer.

Good luck, this sound good.

[quote]Gambit_Lost wrote:
Good luck, this sound good. [/quote]
Thanks man! :slight_smile:

So yesterday I did:

Back / Hamstrings

V-grip lat pulldowns - 50 x bazillion, 50 x bazillion, 100 x 10, 160 x 5, 160 x 4, 160 x 4
V-grip cable rows - 160 x 8, 160 x 6, 160 x 5 (long hold at the end)
Lying rear-delt flyes - 20x23, 20x18, 20x15

Romanian stiff legged whatever dead lifts - 40 x 20, 130 x 10, 220 x 10, 6, 2 -> my grip needs so much work… it’s caught me by surprise these last two workouts! I haven’t done RDL’s in a long time so I was pleased with what I could do. I’ll be pounding these hard to try and strengthen my hamstrings to help me pull from the floor quicker.

Leg curls - 80x9,80x6,80x5,80x4,80x4

Hyper-extensions - 21, 20, 20 -> I do these pretty slow and controlled… really hits the hamstrings if you do it right after RDL’s and leg curls. They also safely train the spinal erectors and maintain low back health. These are my go to low back health exercise and I credit doing them several times a week to how I self-rehabbed a low back injury I had in feb 2011.

I’ll probably be adding in kroc-rows after the v-grip cable rows to help develop my grip strength and a little more volume for my back would not hurt either. I’m living and learning ^_~

What is brewing in the Krazy Kitchen?

I brewed up an experimental ‘Pumpkin Ale’ a couple days ago. I plan to brew up a big batch and give it out to friends and family in late October and November. Right now I’m just trying to come up with the best recipe with smaller batches before I blow it up to a full size batch.

This recipe was for a very small (1 gallon) batch:

1.5lbs Rahr 6-row
0.5lbs German Munich
0.25lbs 80L Caramel

1 can of Libby’s 100% Pumpkin

0.125oz of U.K. Phoenix hops (solely for bittering and balancing the malt)

1/2tsp Cinnamon
1/4tsp Ginger
1/8tsp Nutmeg
1/8tsp Allspice

After the boil, the wort (unfermented beer) smelled awesome. It smelled just like pumpkin pie and I’m really hoping it will retain the aromas and flavors during fermentation. For now, I must wait to find out.

I’m in for the beer.

Oh, and the training, too.


[quote]CSEagles1694 wrote:
I’m in for the beer.

Oh, and the training, too.

Haha the training is boring anyway! I’m nothing special!

Thanks for stopping by man:)

I don’t even like beer but your pumpkin recipe sounds like off the hook.

[quote]Ct. Rockula wrote:
I don’t even like beer but your pumpkin recipe sounds like off the hook.


Yeah, I’m hoping it stays the way it smelled. Beer always has a ‘beery’ taste so trying to bring the focus to spices/pumpkin might take a few trial runs.

So my head cold became a head/chest cold – I lost my voice a little and have a lot of congestion.


Just hit my heavy bag for around 30 minutes. No real power shots or anything - I was just trying to open up my lungs a bit.



Incline bp - 40x30,40x30, 130x5, 160x(6,5,3), 200 x miss, 200 x miss

Dead-stop pin press- 130x10, 180x(8,4,3), 200x1, 220 x miss <- I do these dead stop off the safety pins right at my sticking point. I reset after every rep.

Incline DB flyes - 20x20, 50x(11, 8, 9)

Pinwheel curls - 20x15, 20x10, 50x(8, 6, 5)

Incline DB curls - 40x(8,5, 5)

Chest is a big weak point for me but I think the dead-stop pin presses are helping.

A little rant today…

If you don’t know, I am a pasty white boy who ‘converted’ to Islam in order to marry my Egyptian wife. I’ve never been completely behind the religion but I’ve done a good job at faking it. I did what needed to be done to get what I wanted… my wife.

I hate ignorance and I hate it when people throw around ‘jihad’ so readily when referring to Islam and its followers. I hate most of the shit spread around on the internet (and on these very forums) in regards to Islam.

But you know what the truth is? I just don’t understand how anybody can follow this religion and feel like it is ‘ok’. You know those kids who thought their strict Catholic parents were bad? Holy god they have no idea. Islam feels like you are a prisoner in isolation. Read a book on ‘Tawheed’ and your mind will be blown. Add in countless ‘Hadith’ after that and you will be left wondering what is left to enjoy in life.

I just struggle to defend Islam against even the most ridiculous statements. Egypt is crumbling and may soon fall to the Muslim Brotherhood. It takes half a brain to know what that means.

I’m never going back to Egypt. My children will never step foot in Egypt and I will keep my wife from going back as well. I immigrated her here by myself at 19/20 years old and I feel like it may have been my destiny to get her away from that place. I’m not going to risk losing her to political Islam.

Now watch me slowly drift into insanity!

Also, why the hell is my Rabbit starting to eat DOG BONES? I’ve caught him stealing kibble from my dog’s food dish as well. I’m really starting to worry about him.

in for beer bitchin and lifting. also for bitchin beer, bitchin lifting, and lifting bitches.

a note on grip work: use chalk for your pulls, it’ll solve your grip problems automagically over time.

props for converting for the woman you love, you’re a better man than me.

also, check your bunny for zombieism.

[quote]fr0IVIan wrote:
in for beer bitchin and lifting. also for bitchin beer, bitchin lifting, and lifting bitches.

a note on grip work: use chalk for your pulls, it’ll solve your grip problems automagically over time.

props for converting for the woman you love, you’re a better man than me.

also, check your bunny for zombieism.[/quote]

Hey, nice to have you here man! Hopefully I can get on your level with incline BP soon! Mad respect.

Chalk? Ah the sadness. I already use chalk D:… my grip = feeble child grip. I am child sized but I won’t let that be an excuse… haha. Grip needs some serious work (along with everything). It took me 6 weeks to close the CoC trainer (100lb) gripper once! AHHHHH!

Also, I don’t know if I am a good man - I think many would say I’m simply stupid! Thank you for the props though:)

Bunny zombiesm is confirmed. I put some tuna in my dog’s dish as a treat (she loves, loves, loves it) and that dang rabbit near bit my finger off trying to get it. A little internet research has revealed that he may feel he needs more protein but that baffles me as I feed him quite the balanced diet.



Warm up consisting of light leg extensions to prevent ze pains in ze knees and hyper-extensions to get ze glutes firing.

-Bottom-up front squats - FML x LOL x 3 - These were much harder than expected. I usually do regular front squats.

-DB Walking lunges - 55 x 8 (each leg), 7, 7 - I did these in my back yard and it was 90 degrees out compared to the norm of 70ish this time of year… so I was close to cardiac arrest after and during that. I always make sure to get a good long stride, touch my knee to the ground, and keep an upright posture.

-Elevated (1.5-2") BB Hack Squats - nothing special (like all my lifts) but I worked up to 240 x 6, 4, 3

-Gastroc raises - 200 x 10, 10, 10 - whatevs.

6/12/2012 - Shoulders/Triceps

High incline press - 40x30, 40x20, 110x10, 160x(6,4,3), 180x miss
^Pretty happy with the above. I do them dead stop off the safety pins from nose level - it produces an awesome delt pump. I got 180 about an inch off the pins but couldn’t budge it after that. I bet I could get it fresh though.

Lean-away laterals - 40x(11, 8, 5)
Cross-body DB front raises - 40x(7,6,5)
Shrugs - 130x10,220x10, 300x(6,4,4) - squeezed the fuck out of that bar today. Ordered a new CoC gripper too. Fuck these small hands - I will make them strong.

Ez-Overhead extensions - 45x20,45x12,90x(8,6,5) - wrist wraps helped my wrists but damn these are harder than lying ez-extensions (no lats for assistance :wink: )

Tricep rope pushdowns - sadness x sadness x 3 sets

Pumpkin ale update: The fermentation stopped amazingly quick so I bottled up the pumpkin ale and I’ll wait 1-2 weeks to try a bottle. It tasted a little weak before carbonation… maybe carbonation and some bottle conditioning will bring out the flavor more. It has a lovely orange color.