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Beer and T-Dawg Diet

How much does the T-Dog Diet suffer if I once a week have a beer (or two) on a different day then my cheat-meal day? I know it should be avoided, but as Im a student and 22 years old, its very hard indeed to stay away from social bar-visits and similar stuff.

Um, maybe you should change your name.

Dude, just suck it up and drink a diet coke. And get some new friends. You can always drink on weekends.

Wait, that really doesn’t answer your question. You can, to a certain extent, drink hard liquor and stay in ketosis–er “near” ketosis–but beer has a lot of CHO–er, carbs. Alcohol has calories, too, 7 kilocalories/gram, and, as it doesn’t fill you up, is a pretty fast way to make you fatter. So you can throw a shot of Rum in the diet coke (or get a vodka tonic) and not blow your diet too bad (IMO) but make sure to count the Calories.

Then again, just deal with it, and drink one night per week.


I’m a college student also. Ive been drinkning about twice a month. I will be going into a low carb diet, but i was only going to use my 2 times a month to drink on my carb up day. Would it b better to drink liquir?

Not to sound like a jerky but c’mon now. Does the diet have beer in it? NO. If you’re looking for optimal results, don’t drink. If not, then have a drink every now and then.


if it’s your cheat day, feel free to drink beer. No reason to stick to “The Smartest Bartender Gets Very Rich”–er, Tequila, Scotch, Burbon, Gin, Vodka and Rum.

Two times a month doesn’t sound like it’s “out of control” to me–on your cheat days.


Beer does not have ‘a lot’ of carbs in it. Most beers (non light) have only about 10 grams of carbs. Light beers (Coors Light for example) have about 5 grams of carbs.

Can it be that bad? I mean, come on, it’s just one beer. If it does not exceed the generous carb allotment of the day, why not? I commonly drink a glass of red wine with my dinner, and have no problems staying within carb and calorie limits. Two beers might be pushing it, especially if you do it often. But can you really say that one beer screws your diet? I think not, if you are not in the final stages of a contest diet…

I go to a bar that I like a lot. Virtually never have alcohol. I order water, play pool, eat the huge sirloin that they serve, scope out the babes, maybe have some fish as well. It’s not difficult at all because I have my priotities very clearly set in my mind. And if your “friends” complain about your not drinking with them, fuck 'em. Get new ones.

And if you can’t do that, then I agree with Doc. Start calling yourself Tee-tee-dog or something instead.

Hehe…I was expecting replies like these.
I usually limit myself to max one beer a week outside of cheat-day, so its not like I kill a sixpack a day. I know I ought to stay away altogether, but you feel kinda dorkish ordering water and diet-coke every day when your friends and colleages sit with a cold one.

But, I know, I know, you gotta sacrifice to get results!

Has anyone ever tried taking ALA when having a few drinks? Or, does anyone have any opinions of this?

You…guys…are…strict. :slight_smile:

And alright, to justify my nick I promise to stay off the beer during the week from now on. Nazi-dicipline, no room for weakness.

I limit my drinking to once or twice a month and to 1/2 glass of cabernet (or less because I always never finish my drink). Not a big fan of beer or other hard liquor. (Actually I really hate beer). How I got through college, I have no idea though, esp. given the fact that I went to a party school. ^_~

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have a hard time drinking just one beer, especially if I’m out in a social setting, surrounded by people that are drinking…

Dainon–There’s a reason they call it a “beer gut” though. 10g of carbs–that’s 1/10 of my total intake! On a TRAINING day. To me, that’s a lot to blow on what is, essentially, junk food in a bottle, won’t fill me up, won’t satisfy me, and make me crave some “potato skins” with extra cheese and bacon.

Molnir–That’s the problem exactly. If you’re anything like me, you finish your first beer in 10-15 minutes, then you’re sitting there looking at the empty glass, the bartender comes by…and bang you’ve got another beer in your hand. By the time the smoke clears, you’ve had 3-4 and totally ruined your diet. That’s why I prefer just to keep it to cheat days, so I don’t have to worry about stuff like that.


I am 33 years old and I can honestly say that I’m glad I didn’t spend my college years worrying about whether or not a beer was going to throw off my diet. You have the rest of your life to diet. But only a few years in which to be a college student. Drink, eat, avoid responsibility and drink some more while you can. However, to each his own.

Wow, you guys are up tight. The key to being strict is to know how to relax and enjoy yourself every now and then. If you want a beer every now and then man, drink a few. Granted dieting is not the best time to do it but whatever. I lift b/c I love it and to IMPROVE my life (which I intend to live). Personally I don’t have a hard time saying no, and I’m in college too. Too much will def mess up a cutting phase more than a bulking one, but whatever. Personally I like other none caloric ways of getting my buzz :wink:

Pet Peeve Numero Uno! If going out and having a few beers is enjoyable, then what is the quality of life of someone that plans their diet, 2 hours a day, work out 1 1/2 hours per day, read about training another 1 hour, with no time to do whatever they want? Tell you what. I had 4 big schooners tonight, going to have probably 4 or 5 tomorrow. When we drink, we talk about all sorts of stuff. Women, politics, who is hot at work, how to make more money, why our boss is an ass sometimes, music, football, bad jokes lies, etc. What should I do? hang out at the gym with the lat pulldown behind the head, cheat curls in the squat rack, no notebook, buck 45 soaking wet, Muscle and fitness worshiping folks and then go get a smootie and yap about training? I think I’d rather not. Enjoy life. Pay attention to your responsibilities, and if it fits in, do whatever the hell you want in your off time. Or maybe I should spend another hour using a caliper and measuring 11 sites and using some BS formula that probably has a margin of error of 2+ %, and do this every day, twice a day, measuring my food on a drug scale, swearing I have to eat exactly X% F, P, C content every 137.25 hours. Scarf down some wings too. burp, have a cup of coffee, however you want, and watch the neurotics gain nothing year after year, stressing themselves out and blowing their $ on the fad of the moment supplement, without a whisper of human life. Choose life!

Some of you guys are missing the point. The original poster is on a specific, reduced carb DIET at the moment. Nobody’s saying that having a beer every now and then is a horrible thing most of the time, but it has no place in his current diet. It’s got nothing to do with relaxing, having a good time, living life, etc. When your specific focus is on fat loss and you choose to do a diet like this, why compromise your results? You can have your beer after you’re done.