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Been Working Out for Years. Juice Before 25?

I’ve been religiously training for years. I’m 24 years old, I work out 4-6 times per week. I weigh around 176-180, and I’m 6’1. Am I huge? Fuck no.

I’ve played with different diets I.e. Bulking type diets, keto etc. Different workouts.

So I’ve been bigger and relatively far, and lean but too skinny before. Now I’m at a medium more than anything. So I’ve fucked around with the different types of training methods.

I want to go for the jacked lean look, but as many of you know it’s impossible without the juice.

I keep hearing different facts about takin roids before a certain age. I figured I start my preliminary research here.

What do you all think?

Before 25 is not recommended, however now a days TONS of people does it.

Personally, I would recommend using juice before 25 if:

1- You have reached your maximum potential ( that is very hard before 25, but it is possible)

2- You are planning to compete.

And if you are going to cycle make sure to have your PCT before even starting.


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Thanks for your reply. I’m going to learn more.

This always confuses me; “if I reach my maximum potential.”

I haven’t bulked up to the strongest I can get to, but that’s cause I don’t want to deal with the relative fatness that comes with it now.

I’m in a leaner medium. I have been way stronger in the past though if that add any depth into what my experience is like. For instance, squatting around 300IBs.

I don’t know, so how do I determine when I’m ready? I should wait 3 more years or something?

Lots of people will say not to. I say, it’s your body and your call. Is it recommended? No. Can you still do well, stay safe, and get great results? Probably not if you are stuck around 175-180lb at 6"1, but who am I to judge.

I’d say if you aren’t getting the results your looking for without juice, you’re not going to get it with juice! You can DEFINITELY be jacked and lean without juice, look at some of the natural guys on this site such as the mighty stu!

If you are really set on it, and want the nice “jacked lean” look as you said, try this out!

Weeks 1-10 Test prop 350mg/week
Weeks 1-10 Masteron prop 350mg/week

You shouldn’t need any AI with this cycle, but make sure you research a proper PCT and do things safely! I am on self prescribed trt and blast and cruise so i’m not the best guy to ask about PCT!

Just make sure if you decide to take the leap, that you do things safely and logically! the above cycle I outlined is MORE than enough for a first time user, there is NO NEED to use excessive dosages! I’m having a great cut very little gear right now!

Stats / pics?

IF you do wanna keep it simple with just testosterone instead of the test/masteron cycle I purposed, try this

Weeks 1-10 Test enanthate 400-500mg/week
weeks 1-10 Nolva 10mg/day

I would strongly recommend going with the slightly lower test dosage and including mast though as stated above if you want the “lean jacked” look as you have stated.

For HCG use and PCT recommendations usmccds423 could likely help ya out

Go for it, you have nothing to lose since you suck anyway

Thank you. My understanding is PCT is post cycle?

I’m going to do heavy research on this and keep training in he mean time. I’ve eased out of keto, and eating more carbs.

Already gaining more strength. Yet, like I said it does come with relative fatness.

Also, in addition to my last reply…If NOT around 25 years old, then what age is it ideal? 30 years old?

How come you think that? Look at all of my replies before you go on rant.

Thanks for your response, greatly appreciate it. I think I need to clarify more.

I’m not “stuck” at 175-180IB. Like I said I can eat to my hearts content, and put of mass. Yet, then I’m not well defined. Sure, I’ll squat 300 IBS and good with clothes on, but once its beach time, I’m not as cut as I’d like to be.

Once the cutting starts the inevitable begins and I lose muscle mass. This is my dilemma.

On a side note, I’m going to look at all of the natural guys on this site like you mentioned. Staying safe now while getting gains is more important than making an illogical jump to roids.

Again, thanks for your advice. What age do you recommend I start if I make the jump?

Pics will be uploaded after this reply.

Dead Lift: I haven’t MAXED out in a while but I can do x2-3 reps of 315IBS
Bench Press: 215 x2 Reps
Hammer Bicep Curl: 60 IB Dumbbells 3-5 X
Squats: 275 IBS Maxed


You are years of training away from AAS, man. Years.

I’d appreciate more honest feedback. I don’t know anything about roids.

How come you came to that conclusion man? What are your thoughts on my physique? Stats etc?

Again, I don’t take offense. Trying to learn.

Focus on what your eating. I had to actually count my food intake by carb/protein/fat grams to learn that I wasn’t eating enough of the right stuff. Meal prep man. Quit eating whatever “sounds good” or is easy to get to. Plan out a full meal week and then follow it. You can gain lean muscle this way. Train correctly. Find someone that’s bigger than you and seem like they have brains upstairs instead of rocks and do what they do. You can find these people In the gym, online, or get a trainer for a couple weeks. Train harder. Eat bigger. AAS literally will be a big ass disappointment to you until you learn these things.

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Someone else will have to give you more info specific to AAS. I don’t use them. Just purely looking at your stats, pics, and age, I think there’s a ton more you can/should accomplish before going on AAS. To be completely honest, you don’t look like you lift weights and you aren’t very strong. I’m not trying to be a dick just giving you honest feed back. At least you’re fairly lean.

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I understand your dilemma! Being a natural, I think people expect too much weight. You can look at some pics online of some shredded natty pros who are like 150lb and look HUGE, albeit at contest weight but I would assume guys that step on stage at 150 are 180 in the off season give or take.

After looking at your pics more, I think that the best way for you to progress naturally is to do a good solid bulk, put on some solid muscle, then cut down. the MORE MUSCLE you have, the easier it will be for you to stay lean.

I’m definitely NOT the person to give advice on what age to start AAS, would be pretty hypocritical haha. Honestly I Would say it’s not so much about the age, but about your progress! Maybe when you have put in another 2 years or more of dedicated working out!

I can see from the pics that while you have definitely made significant progress, you have a lot more you could gain naturally! Based on that, not your age, I would agree with your decision to wait and IMO would recommend at least 2 years.

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