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Been Using for the Past 7 Weeks

hi guys,
long time.
i have been training fro bulking up, for the past seven weeks,
and i have been using equipose 500mg/wk,
sustanon 500mg/wk
dianabol 80 mg/day
tamoxifen 20mg/day

so with this stack , i have gained twenty pounds so far, and now i weigh 206 pounds.
my body fat is 9 percent and lbm is 92
and i am thinking of continuing this stack for next three weeks, to gain some more mass,
and after this i ll do pct with hcg and clomid,
plz give ur views about the stack,
that would b hieghly appreciated.

Hey man,

Glad things are going well for you. Well that’s certainly a lot of dbol to be running for 7 weeks, let alone 10. I’d have run the ancillaries a little differently, but seeing as how you’re 7 weeks in, it’s too late to be tweaking that.

This was an off-season bulk I assume? When is your next show?

Damn 80 mg dbol for 7 weeks and you want to run it for another 3? Are you taking any liver support? I personally think all the liver damage stuff is over hyped but I’d say you have got to be walking on thin ice right now man, especially if you go to 10 weeks.

Interesting also that you chose tamoxifen as your AI (that’s what I’m guessing you did) instead of armidex. If I remember correctly, tamoxifen plays no role in keeping testosterone from aromatizing and as a result raising estrogen. I believe you will just be blocking the estrogen from your breast receptors, stopping gyno, instead of actually regulating your estrogen levels.

HCG has also been found to suppress your natural test production if you use it for PCT, so it will be hampering your recovery instead of helping it. I’d also use tamoxifen in place of clomid but that’s just my opinion.

I’d probably stop the Dianabol now and start implementing injections of HCG now, running them through the two weeks you’ll want to wait after your last injection before starting PCT. When you’re ready to start your PCT you can stop the HCG and continue using tamoxifen @ 40mg per day for first two weeks and 20mg per day for following two weeks. Clomid is alright to use instead, but I prefer the lower dosages of tamoxifen.

Nice to see you’re keeping at it and your english has improved a lot as well :slight_smile:

thanks guys , . thanks,
for your wise point of views , i appriciate, .
and now i ll start pct after two weeks, . , .
my next show in is november, .