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Been to Planet Fitness Twice This Wk


and the lunk alarm has gone off 4 times.

My company got us all memberships and the gym itself is basically right across the street. I like to go over there late in the afternoon to lift.

Anyway, it went off twice on Monday for guys banging weights. I didn't see anyone get a "talking to" or get removed from the gym.

Today somebody was doing deads and the impact with the floor between reps was apparently too loud. They even fired it up for a loud moan that somebody did in the middle of the gym.

That nonsense aside, it's not a terrible gym, but they are light on free weights, benches and places to do pull ups.

My weak ass maxed out the dumbbells (75lbs) doing incline presses today. I had hoped they went to at least 85.

It's not Golds, but it's free and only a short walk from my office, so I can't complain too much.


So uh, can you get a video and set it off intentionally?

We've been dying to see one man. Maybe do a loud grunt. The funnier and more chaotic, the better.



Start screaming LIGHTWEIGHT!!! LIGHTWEIGHT!!! Before a set of power cleans making sure you dump the weight between each rep. To end, scream YEAAAAAH BABY!!! and smack the nearest woman on the ass nice and hard. WHACK!


Yeah, Phony Macaroni promised he'd raid a PF but he lied.
Fucking liar, that guy.


I hear that's not even him on his avatar, just some buff army dude.


Holy fakerony = fishtuna.


this could get ugly


Whats the lunk alarm?




LMFAO!! You two....lol.


And that salto he "did" for T-Nation? Photoshop.



...but it's not terrible? I bet they have plenty of crunching stations though.

I can understand and definitely appreciate how close it is to your office, being able to walk there must be nice, I know I wish my gym was closer to work.

But dang, alarms going off and DB's that only go to 75... I just don't know.




I would love to see what the old timers would have thought about the lunk alarm. I could see Arnold, Lee Haney, Franco, Lou, and Frank Zane going oover to the wall, tearing it out of the wall, ripping it apart and doing curls with the remaining parts.


"Meathead dropped something. Meathead dropped something."

Fuck I wanna smack this fuckin reporter in the head with the 10lb db hes holding.
I know it's hard to watch the whole thing but it's at the 2:00 mark. LOL


so I dont get it......

if they come right out and tell you "this facility isnt for powerlifters or body builders" , why would a serious lifter bitch about being told to keep it quiet ? its quite obvious they dont want those types around .

kinda like going into a Mcdonalds and complaining about the menu......no ?


I think the complaint is that a fitness facility actively discourages the pursuit of fitness by encouraging its members to tattle on one another for things like grunting. I can see a gym promoting a non judgmental atmosphere, but PF does the opposite.

And HolyMac's a fucking liar.


I dont understand how it works. Does some anonymous person come up and set off the lunk alarm or is it automatic?


You've been a member for almost 7 years, and can only DB incline the 75lb'ers?


you have got to be kidding me...."no Judgements" my as basically, you are judging the guy that is busting his ass, what a fucked gym...for shits and giggles Im gonna run in the one by my house one day with leg warmers and speedos and groan while I do 700 crunches, wonder if the lunk alarmn will go off.