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Been Out of the Game for Awhile


Its been several years now since my last cycle and I'm getting the itch once again. Thing is, I'm wondering what has changed since my last cycle which was about 6 years ago. Back then I homebrewed my tren and had a source for Mexican based roids. Now I am not so naive as to start asking around as to who, what, where but I guess my question is do most people get their stuff now through underground labs and homebrew themselves?

Also, I used to frontload almost all my products. Is this still a recomended process for most of the regulars out there? Lastly, from what I recall, I used tren EOD and loved it. Is the half life so short so as ED injects are far superior?
Anyways, theres numerous reasons I backed off for a few years but I must say it is nice to br cruising these message boards again. T-Nation was ALWAYS my #1 site for real info and good info. Glad to see some of the old members still on here!