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Been on TRT Over a Year. Look at my Labs

I’ve searched a bunch. I can’t seem to find my situation.
I only have current total and free test labs today. I have others from the past.
My dr just bumped me up to 200mg a week. I was on half of that. With the 100 my labs where low nearly in range.
Now they are.
Total is 1359.
Free is. 333.0. Pg/ml. This shows that’s it’s ridiculously high.

I’m 40. In decent shape.
Obviously I need to tone it down some or work out more to take advantage of it, but, has anyone seen free test this high? Any information would be appreciated.
Please don’t ask for all my labs at this time because I don’t have them. I’m not looking to get roasted for asking a question. I used the search and found a lot of information but none with free test that high.

We can’t tell how high it is because you did not post the ranges. That’s important.
With T this high you really need to start measuring other things like E2, prolactin, HCT at minimum.
Is your blood pressure OK? You getting any acne , A limp dick or loss of libido? Hows your temper? Do you chokeup when you hear a sad story?

Weekly dosing isn’t optimal for some guys, how fast you metabolize and excrete testosterone are two big factors. If you find that you need a large dose (300mg) to get your levels up to high normal levels, that would indicate the you either metabolize testosterone quickly and/or excrete it quickly. These men do well in more frequent dosing.

If it concerns you, it probably shouldnt with all other things in range, then cut the dose back by 50mg. It seems like you respond well to the T. I do too. I was on around 210mg a week, for quite a few months, and had high Test, Free T, and E2 and it didnt affect much else. Im 47.


1998 H
250-1100 ng/dL


457.5 H

35.0-155.0 pg/mL

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Just uploaded my test. What do you think.

Yeah, I feel great. I can seriously feel when it gets below the norms. I did 200mg every other week and it did ok but it never put me in a medium or high range and it would drop low the if I didn’t pin o. The 2nd week.
With out it I don’t produce hardly any test. Both way way low.
So now I’m on 200 every week. That’s double the amount and double the pinning.
Like I said. I feel great. Just the one lab is extremely high. The other one is high too but not triple the amount like the other.
I’ll back it off like you had mentioned and get a panel test done in a few weeks and go from there.
Thanks for any information.

Your results are the highest I’ve seen.
No issues or side effects ?
I googled side effects and couldn’t find any of high testosterone. Just low.

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Personally I think your numbers look great. If you can get high free T without going too far out of range with the total T, to me that is ideal. And 333 FT is a great number. That’s right around where I feel absolutely optimal as well.

I know guys who had even better ratios like 1100 total and 400+ free. The doc has no problem with that so long as all the other numbers are in range (which they are).

On the other hand, personally, and for the guys I know, we have brutally physical work (and other peripheral physical) demands. If you are relatively sedentary, then yeah, I don’t know that a level like that is necessary.

I Work in constitution. And pretty active with the kids. I’ve worked out on off most of my life. Army veteran. I’ve been in great shape and not so much.
With my test a little higher than what it has probably been my whole life I’m thinking I should make the best of it, eat right hit the gym a little more and see what happens.

That’s the ticket right there…

On the other hand, I’m older than you (mid 50’s), and as you get older, it takes a higher free T number to feel the same. So for you 333 is much better than I feel with 333.

Thank you for the information. I really appreciate it.

No real negatives aside from I felt a little better with it a bit lower for whatever reason. FWIW my coach, who is also an Endocrinologist, said that I wouldn’t really benefit from it being that high vs a bit lower. I tried to find numbers for guys who run 500mg cycles but came up short. It might be double what you or I are seeing. So after he said that I dropped it down to where I feel best. Im not going to waste it if its not buying me anything.

All that being said, if you feel great where you are then I wouldn’t change a thing. Watch hematocrit and blood pressure.

I’m sorry I don’t see his other numbers. What other numbers are in range? E2, HCT, prolactin?
All I see is TT and FT.

500mg/w will put your Free T about 6-8 times over the top of the range. The weird thing is even at that large of a dose it take about 4 weeks before one feels any increase in strength or gets a faster recovery from the gym. I’ve done my own experiments here and now I see why it is not good to just take a little more with all the negative sides that brings because it really does not make you stronger. You have to go all out or you are just wasting juice.

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