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Been On TRT For A Year. Is It Time to Add In Another Compound?

I have been on TRT for a year now. I’m 6’2 and in this year I’ve went from 300lbs to 208lbs. Im sitting around 17-18% bf. I’m really wanting to get down to 10% bf and was wondering if I should add in another compound or up the test dosage? I’m currently taking 200mg/week of Test Cyp. This is the dose I feel best on and I took a test after missing a week of injections and my levels still came back in the 900s range so, as a trt dose, 200mg is more than enough for me. I feel more inclined to add a super low dose of another compound rather than up the test because

  1. im dialed in and have literally ZERO sides.
  2. Im afraid if I go harder on the test it’ll fuck up my hair. My hair has been perfectly fine thus far.

Any advice on how to proceed?

Proceed with a calorie deficit. Steroids aren’t going to magically burn fat or anything, but they do help with food partitioning and muscle retention when in a deficit. TRT will give you that advantage already.

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I’ve been in a deficit for a year straight now. Idk how else I would have lost 90+ lbs in a year… I also train extremely hard. A year ago I could barely bench the bar… now I bench 315 and squat 405. Im already fairly lean and my abs are coming in. Im not looking for a magical fat loss pill, rather something that’s going to aid in me taking my physique to the next level. With that being said, my OG question still stands; should I add a low dose of another compound or up the test dosage?


What’s does this tell you? You are already running supraphysiologic testosterone levels all of the time with your current dosing strategy.

Why mess with something that is working? I guess it is human nature. Congrats on your body recomposition. What information do you have that says your current plan stopped working? If you can’t get down to single digit body fat for a FFMI target of XX while running supra levels of testosterone then you would have to reevaluate your diet and training plan. My 2 cents. Take care of yourself.

What is your FFMI target for X% BF? What are you willing to sacrifice health wise to get there? This is the tradeoff analysis.

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Considering you’re a genetic freak, I doubt you need to add anything. Lol.

Just lean down to 12% or so then switch to a mild surplus and you’ll transform.

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Thank you. My plan hasn’t stopped working at all, I guess Im just trying to speed up the process as I been in a deficit for a year and Im ready to start adding in more calories lol. I guess slow and steady wins the race, especially at the expense of my health. It’s just Im not just doing this for vanity sake, but also to help enhance my career. Im in the entertainment industry and for what I want to achieve, looks are everything. This is also my first time hearing about FFMI can you explain it a little bit to me? I did a google search and I get the jist, I guess Im asking if you can explain in terms of your question?

Ehh I wouldn’t say Im a genetic freak at all. I had to start trt at 23 do to my levels being EXTREMELY low. Im 24 now and am just now starting to look my actual age. Prior to trt I looked like a teenager and as I got fatter my body looked real feminine. I guess ,as readalot stated, 200mg is a supraphsiologic dose for me which would explain the insane strength increases and me completely recomping from looking like a butch lesbian to a d1 football player in just a year. But I also train very very hard and my actual training frequency is high as well. I’ve also been doing a mix of powerlifting and bodybuilding styles of training. Everyone is already telling me how different I look and how “swole” I’ve gotten. I just cant wait to see what I look like at 10% if people are already marveling and my bf is in the high teens lol. But I guess I wont rush the process and I’ll be patient.

How much muscle do you want to carry at 10% BF. That is the FFMI in essence. So what would be your goal? By dropping your bodyfat like you have done you are altering your metabolism and making it more efficient (up to a point). You are also running supra levels of test which may or may not result in complications down the road. You muscle/BF targets + genetics set what you would have to do to reach that goal. Sounds like you have very good genetics but please be aware of the potential ramifications of running supra levels of AAS for any period of time especially at your age. Think 15-20 years down the road and what the impacts may be.

Adding in synthetic AAS (on top of what you are doing) only tip the scales further toward risk on the risk/reward scale. Please choose wisely and realize even if you think you have a plan, mother nature can quickly show you that your PhD-level plan may actually be a 2nd grader plan wrt to your health. Dabbling in AAS truly is Russian Roulette, that’s all I can really say. Take care of your health.

Well I want to be fairly muscular. For my goals and what I want to do think the fitness model look, or Zyzz is a great example of what Im after. I’ve already got it in my mind that Im on trt for life, so Im prepared for whatever issues arise. As of right now tho, Im perfectly healthy. Labs come back great and I get tested often. My doc has suggested I lower the dose to 150mg/week, but I just feel so good on 200 that Im afraid to cut down. But maybe after I reach my goals, I’ll cut back to 150mg.

I hope you don’t have to find out if you are prepared. This attitude is common until the issues do arise. Keep studying about the heart and potential impacts of running >>1000+ ng/dL TT all the time. At 24, your blood vessels and cardiovascular system and compliant and forgiving, how about 34, 44? Best wishes.

Think more about your reasoning here.

Damn dude I am old. I thought you were using algebraic variables until I had the presence of mind to Google this. I better get off the internet and sit in my rocking chair.

I’ll leave you with these as examples. Not to scare you, just experiences and you can think about how you would respond. Having to go from 248 lb at 8% BF back down to 210. Significantly reduce TRT dosage, mental sides are challenging.

As you get older you realize your health is all that matters (I guess there are exceptions for those in the athletics/world class realm).

@wholelottareps I think you would love a blast of anavar. It will help build quality muscle and target belly fat. Start with 25 mg/day and taper up to 50/day and run about 6 to 8 weeks.

You can also run a blast of test at 500 mg/week simultaneously. You’ll see some changes.

Easiest question in the history of this site. Anavar. You’ve done an amazing job so far, so just keep doing it but add 40-50mg of var into your daily routine for the next 6-8 weeks. You’ll get stronger, leaner, and you should incur the least number of side effects vs any other compound.


Another good topic while I am on my soapbox today @wholelottareps. Everything I’ve mentioned so far is just concerns involved with running Pharma grade AAS. At your age I guess there are some clinics out there that would prescribe oxandrolone to a healthy 24 year old, but it wouldn’t be medically ethical.

So let’s say you have to go the UGL route and source oxandrolone or any other AAS. What percent of guys on here have the knowledge or ability to ensure what they are purchasing is actually what they think it is? How many know the difference between Anavar or oxandrolone? Nandrolone vs Deca? I saw someone discussing Stanavar the other day. Impurities and QC involved in UGL source?

This only adds another order of magnitude to complications involved with polypharmacy.

Risk/complication profile I would posit looks something like this:

Average AAS user

  1. Run some supra level Test (Risk X)
    2a. Run on top of this Pharma Grade AAS (Risk 5-10X)
    2b. Pharma grade too much hassle to procur, instead run UGL AAS (Risk 50-100x)

Notice I’ve said nothing about the absolute value of risk X. Let’s say it is 0.01% over 1 year, 0.1% over 5 years. 10 years ? Just for sake of argument. Once you start you aren’t going to stop till something bad happens (human nature).

Now look at risks associated with options 2a and 2b. Over 5-10 years +, these start to look like not insignificant risks. So again, be aware of this math going in and just like the casino, the odds are not in your favor if you stay in the game any time at all.

That is all, everyone can beat on me now :sunny:

And by the way, Anavar no longer exists. :slight_smile:

Not sure where you got this from. My UGL source has and its tested.

Also, I’m not suggesting anything to @wholelottareps that I haven’t already done. No reward without risk.

OP, while @readalot is smart guy there are a TON of guys who have done/are doing what I suggested without issue. Consider all your options

I was being a smartass :-). Searle discontinued Anavar in 1989. Savient makes Oxandrin now. Just pointing out the difference between “Anavar” and oxandrolone. Anything labeled Anavar is UGL now just like there is no pharmaceutical product called Deca-Durabolin today.

Absolutely agree, he should consider all the options and go into this informed.
I just wish guys would refer to oxandrolone and nandrolone as oxandrolone and nandrolone, instead of Anavar or Deca. That way newcomers can start to appreciate the difference between the API in a pharmaceutical grade product vs an UGL knockoff that may or may not have the API along with or without additional “goodies”/impurities.

Just being a pain today. Thanks for your patience.

Aint gonna happen. Too easy and too ingrained in our little subculture here.