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Been on TRT for 5 Weeks and I'm Very Worried

Hi guys,

Please help me I know nothing about the results
This is before starting trt

And after 5 weeks on 120mg test e and HCG 2 times a week at 0.2 these are my levels

Please note the 5 week bloods where taken just before my next test pin

I see nothing worring except the prolactin. Its possible it increased due to the SHBG.

The testosterone now looks awesome, you should feel much better.

Cheers vonko, just wondering why my prolactin is so high :((((((

Mine is also. April it was 370. Then I started taking cabergoline.

You can make NMR to check for pituitary tumor, but its very doubtful to have. Probably the problem to be elevated is due to something messed up in your lifestyle/diet. But If you can afford NMR I would strongly suggest to do it.

Will any of my levels effect muscle gain? So what is nmr?

Your TRT testosterone levels are perfect for muscle gains. How do you feel with the increase of testosterone?

NMR - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_magnetic_resonance

Cheers for the link, in regards to how I feel not a whole lot different. I feel stronger but still don’t get any morning wood

This takes time. Hang in there. As for your prolactin, it was high before you started TRT. TSH on the high side, has your doc mentioned maybe looking into thyroid?

Definitely get an MRI of the pituitary to rule out a tumor since it was high before trt.

Levels are optimal for muscle gain, but remember genetics plays a role in muscle development as well. One weekly protocols may or may not be optimal, some men can feel swings in levels and do not respond well to TRT injecting infrequently.

TSH looks a little high, I don’t see your doctor testing Free T3, the main active thyroid hormone and this test can tell you how much thyroid hormone is getting into your cells. TSH and Free T4 by themselves isn’t very useful without testing the active Free T3 and Reverse T3.

Your SHBG levels increased a little, must have been insulin resistance and/or obesity lowering SHBG. I see an increase in SHBG on TRT as well, not common though as most see a decrease.

As others have suggested an MRI is needed if not already done, there are medicines that can lower prolactin if it’s causing problems.

That prolactin is too high. Need to get that checked out. At the very least need to be on cabergoline.

Cheers guys, I’ll hopefully be able to see doctor sometime this week.
One question,
I took the 5 week test just before I pinned again, does this mean 6 days after my injection my test is 30.3 and when I inject it goes way higher than that? Cheers


After speaking to some guys on the forum I’ve had lots of blood taken, can someone please look at these and help me out, I take 125mg of test e every week and this test was done just before injecting at the furthest point. I basically want to know if my bloods are optimal for muscle growth and also I still have not had morning wood.

This question has been answer in two of your other threads, was the question not adequately addressed?

Hey system! You asked me for more bloods so I got them, this shows my TSH and t3 and all that just wanted to know if everything okay for growth!


TSH may be indicating a problem, you need Reverse T3 labs. If Reverse T3 is high it will work against you by blocking the active Free T3. Your TSH is not normal, 95% of people without health problems have a TSH <1.5 and those with TSH 2.5> have a degree of thyroid hypothyroidism.

Right okay, I’ll look into getting a test for that. With the current results you see is everything optimal for growth? Also still no morning wood :sob:

Your SHBG is going to dictate your next move, TRT will likely decrease your SHBG and if you are not injecting frequently like EOD or daily, TRT will not be very effective. I see a lot of low SHBG men struggle on TRT when injecting once and twice weekly, I’m one of those low SHBG men.

I do ok on an EOD protocol, but TRT works very well when doing daily injections using 29 gauge insulin syringes. It may seem like a pain at first, but once you get used to it, it’s no problem and I look forward to injecting myself.

I thought the lower the shgb the more free test there is for growth? Sorry about being so fixated on muscle growth but it’s the main reason I started trt for the confidence of looking good as I’ve never had it… But enough about the life story!

You are taking too much for replacement therapy. Your free T is beyond range at your trough, driving E2 up massively which is likely causing your prolactin to raise dramatically.