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Been on TRT for 18 Months Blood Work Finally Returned


I’ve been on TRT for 18 months. I have received my blood work back from private lab in UK;

E2 296 pmol/L (0-150)
SHBG 29 nmol/L (17-66)
Test 36.6 nmol/L (8.4 - 28.7)
Free T 2.63

Please advise on best way to get E2 under control.

Thanks in advance.

Do you take an aromatase inhibitor? Tell us more about you and your TRT protocol. That E2 is horrible!


I am 39. Height 6’5. Weight 127kg.

I began TRT about 18 months ago. I initially followed KSman protocol and felt great at the beginning. The old me was back!

However I live in UK and getting blood work done here is almost impossible on the NHS and you have to go private which is a challenge in itself. So I decided to treat the symptoms until I could find a solution to for the bloods.

I started on Cypionate, the tried out Propionate and about three months ago I swtiched to 250 Sustanon.

I haven’t taken Arimidex for about three to four months and I havent taken hCG for about the same. I decided to wait until I got my bloods done before deciding whether to start taking them again.

I finally found a private blood clinic that were reasonably priced.

Finally, I haven’t felt great for a while; Libido has crashed, I’m getting fatigue easily, brain fog is intermittent, sleep is disturbed, and my belly is bloated.

After seeing the results of my blood I am guessing it’s because my E is high.

I guess I have two options;

  1. Lower my T dose and bring down the E with it
  2. Add an AI to bring down the E

Looking forward to hearing you thoughts. Let me know if you need any further information.


I don’t see the range for your FT. That being said, I would day that your test levels reveal that you need to lower your dosage. That will help lower your E2 but I would venture to say that you need to add in some anastrozole to your regimen to bring it down. Out of curiosity, why did you feel the need to switch to Sustanon 250?