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Been on TRT Due to Doctor's Accident?

Hi All,

I’m 36 and for several years I’ve had low energy and gained a considerable amount of weight (270lbs 6’2) and low libido. I brought this up to my doctor and she looked into my thyroid first and noticed it to be low. Synthroid helped a little bit but my energy levels were still way down. Given we have a friend who was on treatment for low testosterone my wife suggested that. Long behold my testosterone was at 7.2(whateverthescaleis).

I told the doctor my number one concern was fertility because while my results for that were low they were not completely bad. But she decided to put me on androgel to help bring my test back up using 1 pump (1.25G) per day. After 3 months because she would not see me before then, I felt worse and my T came back at 6.2. She then upped my dosage to 4 pumps and waited another 3 months…

Still having low energy we went in again. My test results came back around 15 where they should be but my doctor finally decided to test my vitamin levels. My Vitamin D came back at 25 where reference for low end is 40 and my B-12 was also under but can’t remember by how much. So I started taking supplements and within a month I felt amazing but still having low libido. Another thing I started having was mild and dull pain in my testicles. Brought this up to my doctor and she put me in to see the urologist which was a 6 month waiting list. I also demanded to have a Estrogen test which showed that things were high there.

Anyway, come about 3 weeks ago I notice shrinkage and my testicles no longer sitting where they normally are which paniced me. I brought this again to my doctor and she said not to worry. I told her I want off the TRT. She told me to go off over the course of a few weeks but did not give me anything to help restart things.

I’m to see the urologist in another 3 months but int he meantime don’t really know if things are going to come back. Thankfully I seem to have energy and no ED problems but still notice that I don’t wake up with an erection and nothing has changed with my testicles. How long will things take to get back to even the pre-TRT levels and is there anything I really can do? I’m also on a waiting list to change doctors but that will likely be another two years. Nevermind my fertility is also in question.

Any suggestion or further questions I’d welcome.
Thank you and sorry this is my first time here!

I would stay on the TRT until you see your urologist. Going off cold turkey can be hell and there is a protocol to HPTA restart (see sticky in this forum). You need to run comprehensive labs and post them with ranges if you can for anyone to provide diagnoses assistance. You can order these your self through discount labs in most of the US. Your E2 is probably off but who knows.

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What your doc had done is negligence and incompetence. But you do not have a clear cut case because that kind of shit is typical and thus considered the “standard of care”. But doc did not discuss side effects with you, no informed consent.

You need:
self inject 50mg T cyp/eth SC/SQ EOD with #29 0.5ml 1/2" insulin syringe
0.5mg anastrozole at time of injections
250iu hCG SC EOD to preserve testes

Adding the hCG injections now will solve your problem. Size will recover and ache will go away.

Transdermal T absorption probably not working because of thyroid problems, predictable but docs do not know.

Please post all labs in list format with ranges, prose does not work.
Also post all thyroid labs, CBC, cholesterol, glucose, hematocrit

You thyroid levels were low because you were not using iodized salt to support thyroid hormone production? [Docs never ask]
were your outer eyebrows sparse?
get cold easily?
READ the thyroid basics sticky.

We see this type of miss management from doctors quite a bit here. Your doctor is an idiot - The dosing was all wrong, and there was no appropriate adjustment to account for when your natural production levels fell off. As stated previously, I would stay on TRT until you see the urologist, and then some hCG injections will bring your testicles back, stop the pain and atrophy, and also increase your testosterone levels. If you keep getting the runaround then I would go to a TRT clinic that specializes in this. There are many that offer online consultations.

So basically my doctor screwed me over and there’s not much I can do about it.

In that case, anyone know where I can go around Ottawa that would be able to and willing to help?

Thank you

TRT in Canada is a sad stake. Fining a doctor who understands these things, or willing to learn may be very difficult. There is a sticky that addresses this quest.

Note everything that I stated above and read those stickies. You cannot be passive and will need to be knowledgeable and active in this process.

Hello Jamrc i know this is a very old post & don’t know if you’re active member anymore but i like to reintegrate this part of what the Doctor did to you.

That shows the complete utter incompetence on doctors in general on men’s Hormonal health these days.

It’s a shambles she put you on 1 pump of a 1.2% Test gel a day left you to go through rollercoaster for 3 months, then up and leave you in the darkness for another 3 months. It’s Disgusting how they can get away with what they do those docs, and never will understand the importance of male balance.