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Been on for 10 Weeks, Keep Getting Test Flu

I have been on cycle for 10 weeks front load dbol 8 weeks and test e 350 per week split nothing to crazy but i keep getting the test flu 6 times so far i dont know what to do i thought maby because i was taking vitamin e supps and that helps immune function and i know that it is a metabolite from when your body metabolizes testoterone that causes a immune response and tricks your body into being sick if anyone knows any tricks or suggestions that would help it would be greatly appreciated.

Probably allergic to the carrier oil in your Test.

Really that can happen what are the symptoms

I was also thinking maby some of my vials were under dosed so my levels dropped then i use a regular dosed vial it spikes and gives me test flu what do you think

Check google out or look for similar threads on here. I know I’ve read at least 10 similar threads on here in the past week mate

Test “flu” is typically when our bodies recognize that there is a foreign substance and attacks it.
The questions are how many cycles have you run? Has this happened before? If it has never happened before then is this a new batch or a new source for the gear you are using?
It could be something as simple as one of the ingredients is causing the response or it could be a dirty batch or even an unfiltered batch. Typically if they filter it which they are supposed to do then they use a 0.45i filter but then it was discovered that the size let through some bacteria or something so everyone switched to 0.22i filters. That filtering is in itself a sterilizing process because it filters out the stuff the size of bacteria and larger.

The only other thing I could think of is possibly you are injecting into a spot that has some issue with it and that could be triggering the response but I can’t think of a reason that a specific spot might be like that.