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Been Lazy - No Excuses


My first post, however i have been on the T-Nation boards from when i lived in the states, though that was about 10 years ago. Now I'm 31 and have been training off and on for 12 years. It's been more off than on to be honest. I have probably averaged one session a week over the last 3 years.

I am an all or nothing type of person. I can go from going to the gym 6 times a week to not going for 3-4 months at a time. Such as I did from august to December last year - not good.

The worse thing is, there has never been anything to stop me from working out. Have a decent job, 9-5 with little stress, fiancée who is supportive, no kids to take away my time and no injuries for almost 10 years since when I played soccer/football to a very decent standard. Hence, there is no excuse other than laziness.

Like most English people, I like a drink and probably drink around twice a week. And even though I am a good cook, I tend to eat a lot of crap when I'm at work. I also have a ridiculous sweet tooth.

The purpose of this log is to keep me honest and hopefully track my progress to an improved me.


Back in January I thought I would list some goals for the year and these were...

Weight - 231
Waist (around belly button) - 34"

3 mile run - 21 mins
10k run - 45 mins

Curls - 135lbs
Shoulder press - 225lbs
Incline row - 315lbs
Bench press - 315lbs
Squat - 405lbs
Dead lifts - 495lbs

I am currently 6ft 2" and weigh 250 lbs

In all honesty, I am not concerned about how much I weigh so tempted to remove the weight goal.

I started the year well, in the first time in years I cleaned my diet up, no alcohol, no junk food, sweets etc.., went to the gym regularly, lifts went up and i dropped 10lbs in a month. However, a family emergency came up and I got knocked off course and for the last couple of months I have been back to my old ways.

My laziness has never been a problem, I had a decent metabolism and never seemed to put much fat on however since turning 30 things have started to change. I will post current pics soon.
I also remain relatively fit despite no activity, as an example, when I ran for the first time in years in February I ran 3 miles in 22.30 minutes and the following week I ran 10k in 53.05 which isn't bad for a 250lb man.

However it makes me think what I could achieve with a bit of commitment and willpower.

As well as my end of year goals, I have a holiday in Mauritius in just 8 weeks time and I plan to get married April/May next year so short, medium and long term goals set.

8 weeks isn't long and will be doing my best to get into some sort of shape prior to that. Problems on the horizon include 3 weekends away in London back to back in May. Friends, friends and the rugby 7's so fun, expensive and potentially damaging times ahead.
However I sit here typing with 11 days off thanks to bank holidays, a royal wedding and 3 days annual leave - I am hoping to really use this time to get myself back on track.

At this time, I am not taking any supplements bar the occasional protein shake. My thought process is that I should sort my diet out before I start going down this path - though this make be a flawed thought process.


I have been hitting the gym around 4 times a week for the last 3 weeks and getting back into the swing of things.

A quick revelation - last week I did legs for the first time in over a year and I have dead lifted less than 10 times in my life. That's pretty bad.

On squats last week I did 5x5 at the massive 160lbs. I had plenty more in me but still walked like I had been gang banged for a week afterwards. I am going to increase slow and steady with that.
I have tried a number of different routines over the years however currently i'm doing back, chest, legs, shoulders and arms though thinking of changing back to horizontal/vertical push/pull as this is what I enjoy the most.

I do base my routine on one mass building exercise and allow 6-8 sets to work up to a 3 rep max and then support this with accessory work.

I haven't recorded my lifts in the past couple of weeks but hit back yesterday so will record these while fresh in the mind...

Dead lift
5 @ 225 lbs
5 @ 270 lbs
5 @ 315 lbs
5 @ 360 lbs
3 @ 405 lbs ( have only hit this for 1 rep previously)
1 @ 425 lbs (this was a new PR and went up so easy that I stopped at one thinking I would save it for this....)
1 @ 450 lbs - failed ( didn't even budge it, laughed at myself and sheepishly put all the weights back)

However, I am happy with this. My back is on fire this morning too.

I then did various pulldowns, rows, reverse flyes and pullovers. I probably won't list the numbers for these, mainly because I cant remember and also that it doesn't really matter at the moment.

I then treated myself to a delicious sirloin steak and sweet potatoes, oven cooked with Cajun spices. With a glass of milk, this is my favourite post gym dinner.

Anyway, will take advantage of the good Friday bank holiday for an early chest session at the gym and quickly fit it in before the dead lifts from yesterday disable me for a couple of days.


Squeezed in a quick chest session.

1 x 8 @ 135 lbs
1 x 8 @ 180 lbs
1 x 6 @ 225 lbs
1 x 6 @ 245 lbs
1 x 5 @ 270 lbs
1 x 3 @ 285 lbs
1 x 1 @ 300 lbs
1 x 1 @ 315 lbs (went for a second but needed the spotter to help finish so won't count it)

I haven't lifted 315 since I was 22 so pleased with that. Goal is to hit 5 reps by the end of the year but hoping to smash that.

Read a Dave Tate article recently about improving bench numbers and the close grip has led to a big jump in my numbers after only 2 sessions.

Finished off with flyers, dips and machine press.

Took some pictures of my current condition and it doesn't make great viewing, will post these other the weekend for inspiration. Carrying a fair amount of fat around lower back and stomach.


Yesterday's back session. Skipped dead lifts due to a fair amount of pain in the elbow - nothing to worry about, I am guessing it is some valour after hitting my dead lift PR last week.

Lat Pulldowns - warm up
2 x 8 @ 45kg
1 x 8 @ 60kg
1 x 8 @ 70kg
1 x 6 @ 80kg

Wide grip pull ups, probated grip (dead hang)
5 x 5 @ bodyweight

Hammer Grip Pull Ups
3 x 5 @ bodyweight (form not great, will probably do these on lat pulldown machine until I get stronger)

Wide Grip Hammer pull downs
4 x 12 @ 50kg (slow reps focusing on squeezing lats)

Bent over row
2 x 8 @ 60kg
1 x 8 @ 80kg
2 x 5 @ 100kg
2 x 5 @ 100kg

Hammer grip cable rows
3 x 8 @ 80kg, strict, focusing on hitting the rhomboids

Overhead pulls


Yesterday's chest session. Only had an hour so had to be quick.

Flat bench press
2 x 8 @ 60kg
2 x 6 @ 80kg
1 x 5 @ 100kg
1 x 5 @ 110kg
1 x 3 @ 120kg
1 x 3 @ 130kg
1 x 3 @ 135kg
1 x 1 @ 140kg
1 x 1 @ 142.5kg
1 x 2 @ 145kg

The 145kg was a new PR for me. Looking forward to improving on this as I get more consistent time in the gym and when I (hopefully) get my diet in order.

Decline Flyes
3 x 12 @ 22.5kg

Incline Press
3 x 8 @ 70kg

Machine Flyes
3 x 12 @ 70kg


A few questions...

I want to introduce cleans to my routine. Would it be best to include these on shoulder day. Maybe replace military presses and upright rows with clean and press?

My legs are a weak point due to me barely training them. As I am starting back I have been going light. As an example I squatted 170lbs the other day but after following up with hack squats and lunges I still couldn't walk properly for a week.
Should I just say "fuck it" and go as heavy as I can, as soon as i can or should I just add 10lbs a week and take it slowly?

I was thinking in e short term of not having a leg day but adding 1 leg exercise to each of my upper body splits. Going heavy on each exercise until I can start putting together a proper leg day.


Not much time today so squeezed in a quick bicep workout.

Barbell Curls
2 x 5 @ 52.5kg
1 x 5 @ 55kg
1 x 5 @ 57.5kg
1 x 5 @ 60kg

The 5 @ 60kg/135lbs is actually my end of year target so will need to re-evaluate that. Though it was on the ez curl bar and would prefer to hit it with the Olympic bar.

Incline Curls
3 x 8 @ 22.5kg (db's)

Narrow Grip Curls
3 x 12 @ 40kg

Concentration Curls
3 x 10 @ 12kg (db's)

I have decided to hit my legs as hard as possible tomorrow. Work out a few 3/5 rep maxes. We have a 4 day bank holiday weekend (thanks Prince William) so I can at least stay on the sofa if it damages me too much.