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Been Kickin It Hard in the Gym


Been working hard in the gym. I hope it pays off. Any guys need a date?


Odds are going off at 500:1 that Renton still hits on her.


The hell with renton! How you doin Btris? Slice me off a piece of that beautiful!


500:1? Sounds a bit conservative to me...


Well, first he has to call her a troll before hitting on her via PM.


When the hell did elephants start fucking tigers and having babies?


thats a huge bitch


yall crack me up. Thats a big beautiful woman and will make some Crispy Creme Store very happy one day.


LMAO! I just totally missed this thread.

500:1? Purely depends on how much I'd had to drink. After a bottle of Scotch and 20 pints I'd lower the odds down to evens.

Thank fuck I've given up drinking.


This made me crack up.