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Been Gone a While

I focused on getting back into Shotokan for a while and getting ready for a backpacking trip.

Had family issues come up, so we only got about 1600 miles done on the trail.

Then last year we went back out and the pandemic pushed us off. It has been a bust with training. We spent the summer helping out with the grandchildren but eventually they got ready to go back to school.

So my wife took a year’s contract in Virginia, we moved, and I’ve kind of just avoided getting sick and have done some reading and such.

This year we will pick up the miles we are missing to get the Appalachian Trail finished (rather than trying to just start another through hike) and get ready to do the PCT in 2022.

But I’d been gone a long time from here.

I would say that all the backpacking gave my legs great definition and I started to get ripped from the weight loss that backpacking causes. But what is basically almost a year off of the trail has gotten me ready to join a gym and start training again.

My blog for my family is here: http://adrr.com/d20/ keeps my parents and kids updated so they know what we are doing on the trail (there is an app that I can use to update when near a town). Obviously I haven’t blogged about hiking on the trail for a more than a long time.

Anyway, good to check back in.


An Over 50 Lifter - #471 by Elaikases is where I had been tracking everything. Now I’m over 60 (just turned 65).

Been a while. I keep coming back and fading away myself. Doing a lot of Shotokan myself with some TKD thrown in. Mainly kata and poomse. Good friend owns a dojo/dojang, he’s primarily TKD so I get to use the facilities and spar with him. Glad to see you back. Think I mentioned it way back but never forget the vid of the scissor take down you did. Outstanding. Maybe we’ll both keep posting a while this time.

I’d like to see your posts.

I’ve gotten to 1 kyu for my third time – that was more than a year ago. The pandemic and hiking together have put me back on getting past that, but who knows.

Years ago, when I was getting back in and rehabbing when I lived in Wichita Falls, a TKD/Kung Fu place let us practice in their space for free in the early AM. They were good guys.

I’m just looking forward to gyms being available again where I live and the dojos reopening.

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