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Been Gaining Great

For the last couple weeks ive been doing this program:

BB Bench Flat
DB Military Press
Tricep Bench

Break Day

BB Power Cleans
BB Back Row
DB Hammer Curls

Break Day

This with my daily army PT has been gaining me wonders. i HAD to remove the leg workout as that was horribly affecting my running.

I was wondering since ive been getting good mass gains with this progressive weight increase if i should move to 4x6 or stay at 5x5?
id like to change my workout a little bit too—any ideas?

Are you a sprinter in track season?

What are your goals?

If you’re a sprinter training in season it’s best to train for power instead of endurance. But you already know 5X5 is for power and size anyway.

In order to get stronger you could start using heavier weights with just 3 reps per set and do more sets with even more rest in between each set. Since you don’t have many exercises each day (seriously, that’s smart) then you’ll have time to rest between heavy sets of 3 reps.

But this might be pretty taxing, so if you feel like you only want to be doing heavy weights and low reps once a week the other day you can be hitting the 8 rep hypertrophy range for 3 or 4 sets.

But if you feel like the 5X5 routine is beginning to plateau for you and you are in season for running I’d just do your heavy pulling one day in the week and then heavy pushing 3 days later.

haha no im in the army. in that case should i still follow that same advice?

4x6 and 5x5 aren’t very different, and it isn’t likely that the body will respond that much better to one than the other.

Also, you should be able to do some leg work without it killing your running, just keep the volume and intensity reasonable. Strong legs will help you on the hills. Just stick to the basics, and you should be ok.