Been doing some renegade training and omg

I lately have started some renegade things, and the first thing i must say is holy shyt how unflexible i am, i was doing the 25-26 stretches in his book about 15 seconds per stretch and i swear i must have feel about 10 times trying to do those stretches my parents even came in the room becuase they though i brough a girl in becuase off all the noices. I really gotta say i like this shyt, i did some hip hurdles and i automaticly felt so good, i have a problem with my hips there super tight, and the hurdle drills made them feel a bit looser, alot of these things make me feel a bit lighter on my feet. I cant wait to build some kettlebells and start some off those drills so far its going pretty well, and i found out how really bad im out of shape, My question to you guys is how can i make the renegade program more geared towards increasing my vertical leap?? I really need to get my hops there any tips.

My main goal is to get my stamina, and quickness up. I get too tired when i play i actually had a game last weekand i played the entire game, i was tired to the point were half the time i walked back on defense i tried to mentally push myself but i was just physically gone. I still put up some very good numbers i had 17 points and 15 boards, now im thinking what if i get my stamina up i would be unstopable i want it so i can go hard at every play. Not out of cockiness but when i go all out i usually cant be stopped. So my main goals is to gain stamina which the rope works seems to being doing, quickness, flexibility, and vert. Im doign the renegade workout geared more towards strength, i feel that my limit strength is affecting me alot, like ive noticed that when i jump at times i feel sluglish same thing when i run also. Im doing some Olympic Lifts, Snatches, Cleans, Some Compound Movements Chins,Dips,Deadlifts and rope and agility work which by the way is making me puke lol Im doing some pull-ups but i gotta start with negatives becuase i cant do a full pull up, those negatives are painful though i literally cant scratch my ass without pain but i gotta love it.