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Been Doing Push-Ups, How Are They?

Hey! It’s me again, and I started with posture work and push ups. I want to know how my form is and if my boy’s straight, upper back position, etc. I try to stay in a straight line, keep shoulders down, and retract. Let me know how it looks!

they’re pretty good man, but why are you curling your whole body up at the top?

If you’re aiming to get shoulder protraction (which is a great idea) try to think about reaching the base of your neck to the roof. You don’t want to go into a massive amount of spinal flexion, in fact your back should still stay straight even with the protraction

So just protract, got it!

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Hows this? I eased up on the back a bit


Much improved. Great work!

Thanks! Let me know if theres anything else to fix.

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Nah man, you’ll be okay. Just focus on getting stronger and eating well now

Hello! I’ve been doing incline push ups for almost a month and next Tuesday I want to look into the next progression. I think my form is decent enough I’ll link below, and I was seding what the next progression was. Thanks

Push-ups with your hands still elevated, but less elevated. For example, you could perform push-ups with your hands on the seat of a chair, or on a coffee table

That sounds good! But I think I may have made this post to soon. It’s only been 11 days lol

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Do the push-ups on the benchtop feel easy?

I mean kinda, yes. But I dont want to rush into things yknow?

Focussing on technique is great, but it’s important to remember that what matters is technique under exertion, not technique for the sake of technique. On top of that, technique will improve simply as you get stronger.

At the end of the day, training is about becoming and stronger and building bigger muscles, so you’ve got to make sure that the exercise you choose is hard enough that each set is challenging, but still manageable enough that you can perform it well

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Ur right. It couldn’t hurt to test run a smaller surface for a set and I’m going to try that

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Good luck! Keep us posted

Thanks man! I’ll prolly post a vid in a bit or tomorrow

IMO really overthinking it again buddy.
Get on floor and do normal push ups, at first doesnt have to be totally perfect, deep/pause etc just get on the floor and make an effort.

I recommend do 10 sets through out your workout say 5 at the start, couple in the middle and few at the end. Might just get a couple reps at the start but as a light teenager the numbers will go up rapidly


Thanks man! I am recoveriing from surgery at the moment. And I’m thinking of inching my way down piece by piece, so I don’t put unnecessary strain on my leg. But thank you! I posted a vid of me on a lower surface!

Hey guys! Ok, I tried a lower surface. It feels harder and not sure how my form is. It felt weird coming to a new surface and let me know what I should fix. Thanks! https://photos.app.goo.gl/n3mbAiWBKBXuFsd

Link is not working