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Been Cutting, Natty Show in Spring?

Okay, I’ve been on here for years, and occassionally, when changing my avatar pics would get nice little pms from supportive T-folk saying ‘good work’, or ‘ah, cuttting up a bit?’, which was always cool. Well, Since becoming a fan of a few local nat competitors, this is the first time where I’m seriously doing more than just shuffling my carbs and attempting to ‘tighten’.

When I first dropped below 200, I freaked a bit, as it took me so long to go from 150 up to my heaviest of 215-220 (I was usually around 205-210 though). Then, I came down through 195, and got worried,… then last week, Thanksgiving morning, hit 190 … that’s when I really started to notice how small I felt in my clothing. Well, this morning was my lowest probably since college (I’m 35 now).

I know that a lot of the recent loss is from not feeling well, and sleeping last night from 6pm to 8:30 this morning, but I figured we’re all supportive on here, so here’s a few pics I snapped in my bedroom, with usual excuses of poor lighting conditions, pasty skin color, little dog getting in my way -lol. Usually my training partner snaps my pics for me, and in all honesty, I don’t think I remembered to ‘squeeze everything’ when the shutter went, but I’m not posting this to complain, just to share.

I will say that it’s amazing how this is totally making my weak areas appear much more obvious (not too happy about that, but it’s par for the course). I just keep telling myself how ‘HUGE’ I’ll look at single digit bodyfat -lol


lats looking nice, leftmost!

looking good overall, i’d say. but - and this is my VERY humble opinion, as you’ve been at this for a lot longer than myself - your traps and chest look kinda funky on the right. it looks like you’ve stretched out your neck, and your traps kinda disappear in view of that… does that make any sense at all?

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I can’t see the pics either. What show are you thinking of?

Im not seeing the pic either. I’ve seen your profile pics though and I know you’ve got a great build. Don’t let getting lighter play tricks with your mind.

I can see the pics just fine.

I don’t have the experience of the other guys on here but I’ve always respected your input on lifting and diet and have used some of your suggestions with success.

You look great, and I agree with elusive that you should not discount your hard work because you have dropped a bit of weight; your build is phenomenal.

Have you talked to those local competitors and received input from them?

Bend your neck forward and THEN tilt your head upwards on the most muscular…that will rid your pic of what G87 was talking about. Honestly youve come this far and look very good. I;d say dry out, get a tan and get on stage. You’ll do very well in a natty local show, I promise you!

Lats look good, traps need thickness, can’t see bis in front double bi, can;t see hams properly and so you may want to tweak that side chest a little so we can see the glute-ham separation, adjust most muscular to bring out the traps like i suggested -

posing needs a bit of work. Get that sorted out.

Pic won’t load. I will say being on this site mostly reading and learning from people I’ve always valued your input. If anybody should do a show here it should be you. Shit you got me to respond to a topic I tend to only ask questions or keep my mouth shut. Not really the supportive type but this time I have to be since you helped me a lot from reading your post. Plus I believe you’ll just kick ass once you have everything down.

I say go for the show man. You have a physique worth showing off now go for it.

If you have any questions with any actual show stuff don’t hesitate to hit me up. I may be young but I got a few rodeo’s under my belt. lol


way to go

Lol thanks guys. Not sure about the pic loading up or not, Moderator Matt viewed it fine and said it may just be a slow update, whatever that means…

I know the posing needs tweaking, Usually hitting a most muscular, I’d be all hunched over, but I wanted to see how tyhe torso was looking, and kinda forgot about the hands-on-hips shot.

I have been getting a lot of constructive feedback from Jim Cordova, who when I first met couldn’t believe I had never competed, and when he saw my shots from just last week, wactually had a lot of positive things to say (which was pretty cool).

The trap thickness is something I’ve been working on, especially from the back shots (which I don’t have nay here because my camera time doesn’t beep, so I wouldn’t know when it would go off). Putting a rope on a lower cable, been stepping back a few steps and shrugging on an up and back angle (I think Thibs actually wrote a piece about this)

THe things that really messes with my head, is the actual weight of competitors. When I first met Cordova, he look enormous for a natty guy, but was only about 165 at the time. Considering I outweighed him by over 30 lbs, I totally thought I must have been doing something wrong, but I do realize (and have certainly said it enough on here) that bodybuilding is all an illusion. Still, was training in Jersey last Sat with my training partner, and saw Shaun Clarida there. If you don’t know, he’s a young guy, competes as a lightweight in the WNBF. Well, here I am, 40 lbs bigger than this kid, and all I keep thinking is how big he looks, and that maybe I’m losing all my muscle. Definitely a mind-f*ck -lol.


Hi Stu,
You look great. You have plenty of size to compete in a natural show. Your posing and conditioning will make all the difference.
I would suggest finding someone to handle your diet and posing. See them weekly and let them make all the decisions about what you are eating.
It is a mental game so let someone else play it for you.

Can someone draw me what this picture looks like, cause i still can’t see it!! ARGH!!! If Jim Cordova is telling you that you should, then I’d compete. Plus, I hear once you compete, you get hooked and then you start selling your fourniture for protein powder. Ask Gerdy, it seems that you’ll fall in love with competitions. Good luck, I think you’ll do great.

Draw you a picture?

lol, yeah. preferably with crayons or colored pencils. =P

Are you asking if you are big enough to compete?

Go for it - you have an excellent physique Stu - no reason you can’t do a show in the spring.

Let me know what you plan on doing - I’ll come down and check it out since I’m in NY also…

I haven’t picked a shop yet, because to be honest, I was looking at the INBF list of ‘banned substances’, and wouldja believe that HOT-ROX is on there?

So I think I’d have to do an NGA (I think, so many diff groups of letters) show, and I believe they offer less oportunities.

It’s amazing though, that an organization can pick and choose what’s allowed, and what’s not. The NGA basically says “if it’s legal, it’s okay” -lol, which really does make more sense.

Oh, and if it makes you guys who can’t see the pic feel better,… I can’t see it myself -lol


not to be a dick, but didnt you use Pro hormones before? does using pro hormones mean you are still natural? i guess it all comes down to how to look at it

[quote]GrindOverMatter wrote:
not to be a dick, but didnt you use Pro hormones before? does using pro hormones mean you are still natural? i guess it all comes down to how to look at it[/quote]

Nah man, you’re not being a dick, I have used prohormones,… and the bottom line for me, was that they were legal, and no one should have any questions beyond that. I believe the way they worded it in the NGA write up is that prohormones, or precursors are not banned, but they can cause a tested positive in regard to your T/E ratio, and if so, you are solely responsible.

So considering the most potent anabolic I’ve used in the past few years has been the Carbolin 19 in HOT-ROX, I’m not really concerned,