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Been a Year But I'm Back


So, quick recap. Been on this site for years, jus can't remember my old password. So I created a new account.

Been lifting weights for about 3 years, went from 165 to 220 in the first year.
I haven't lifted weights in a year. Broke up with my gf and started lifting againt 7 days ago. Was doing tbt to get back into it. I'm about 230 now and still have some muscles, more on the chubby side now. My strength has went downhill.

I'm doing this for bb and not pL. I want to do 4 or 5 weeks of gvt, but.....

Question: being that I'm only 7 days in from a 1yr. Break, should I start a variation of gvt or work on my power first. ( to prime my muscles futher and to aid in gvt)


No reply. Guess I'm gonna start a "variation" of gvt for like 5 weeks to see how it goes then add low volume training for like 2 weeks then do the final 3 weeks of gvt.


I would just focus on the major lifts with some arm work and extra conditioning. Once you've got some of your strength back and drop few lbs of fat you can give gvt a try. And focus on busting ass on those basics. My 2 cents.


Why are you bent on doing GVT? Have you done it before and experienced good results? I feel like you'd be better off doing a "normal" bodybuilding routine.


I've always wanted to do it, but was always in the middle of another program.
Figured since I'm lifting again why not.
I'm not heck bent on it, but from the articles using correct procedure u can experience a "mass"isf increase in size. Figured id do that for 4 or 5 weeks then do 2 or 3 weeks of maybe watburys 3x10 or parks 5x5. Then actualy do ct's hss-100.

Sounds good on paper.


Why don't you pick one program/split and stick with it for long enough for you to actually tell if it's working for you?


Well, I think 5 weeks of gvt is plenty, then a couple of weeks of 5x5 too recovery from the volume and grow while activating different muscle fibers. Then picking up another high volume program that leans more toward a "traditional" bb split..... I think that's over the course of the 3 programs it would b enough time to judge. Call it a super program.


Out of curiosity, what was the reason for your yearlong hiatus?


Girlfriend, new job, xbox, I got lazy.

Been working out outside when it gets dark with a streetlight. Its awesome, so fresh and I've been pouring sweat. U jus go into beast mode when ur walking up to the bar with sweat dripping from ur face.
Definitly reccomend some night workouts if able.

Today is day 3 of the gvt variation, but day 8 of me working out. Only 1 day off so far, tomorrow is suppose to be the next schduled day off.. Its gvt but from different angles to fix the imbalance associated with gvt. So its close to a 100 rep bb split.

Example: bb rows underhand wide grip 5 sets x 10 reps followed by overhand bb rows overhand close grip 5 x 10. Finish it up with deadlifts. W/ shrug at the top 6 sets by 4 reps. 60 seconds between each set. (Pullups listed below)

Also doing a sawed off version of the p.p.L
Its jus p, lol.
Start with 10 pullups and everyday add 1 rep for 30 days.
First couple of days were just nutral grip.
Been changing grips every couple of reps for diversity now..


Good luck with that. Enjoy yourself.


Thanks, I'm feel alive again.