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Been 2 Months. Lost 17 Pounds. Need Opinions

How am I doing? I’ve been lifting for 4 months and cutting for 2. I was fat. I started around 172 pounds and now 155 pounds. I’m just starting to see a little bit of abs on the top. Can you all estimate what my fat percentage is? All the formulas online put me around 12%, although if I was I thought I’d be more defined, unless I just simply don’t have enough muscle to look super defined yet. I’m eager to be done with cut and go onto a bulk, but I’m not sure if I’m ready yet. I know I don’t have enough muscle yet but I chose to cut first because I was fat as hell. Where do I go from here? Serious answers only please 181D39A1-4727-48C8-A0DC-A5F00DA5F644|375x500

Good so far mane. As a beginner you pretty much can’t do anything wrong. Keep making steady progress in the gym e.g. weight lifted and you’ll end up with favourable changes in body composition.

12% isn’t probably an underestimate. Probably more like 15+

In the end the exact number doesn’t actually matter. If you look in the mirror and want to be leaner then cut a bit longer.

In the end it’ll be a few bulks and cuts over a decent period of time before you end up as sexy as you want. Long term it really doesn’t matter which one you pick now

Thanks. I also made a comparison picture

How is this for change? The abs really only show when I am flexing like this, but they didn’t even show then before so it is getting better. Now if I cut another 8 pounds or so would I be in a good position to bulk?

What do you think of the comparison?

There’s a difference… lel.

Long term doesn’t really make a difference whether you cut/bulk now or later. Just keep progressing in you lifts in the mean time.

You could cut another 10-15lbs if you want. If you want to see abs proper for once before get hooge then go for it.

Gets harder as you get leaner tho. When you stall out on fat loss without really forcing it maybe bulk then.

The leaner you are when you start massing the longer consecutive time you can spend lean bulk up making for an overall more successful bulk.

That makes sense. I want to cut further for sure. I just don’t like the fact that I will end up super light in weight

Fair enough. It’s part of the game tho. Pick one thing and stick to it: falling into the trap of trying to do both at once and accomplishing neither leaving you looking and performing the same for years is about twice as unappealing as it sounds.

That’s what was happening to me before. I couldn’t figure out what to do so I just decided to deal with it and lose weight. Don’t you think it looks like I leaned out a lot? I want to maybe cut 10 more pounds and then bulk

Tbh … a more like a bit.

Sounds like plan. Now stfu and go lift

What are you going to cut to, 145lbs?

You need to put on muscle, if you can get close to the weight you were before you began but put mostly muscle on, you will be in a fantastic position. Your body will look very different with another 10lbs of muscle on it at that bodyfat.

Be patient, add 1 ot 2 lbs per month for the next 18 months and I think you will be pretty pleased with where you find yourself.

yup. How many threads do you need about this?

I remember you posting on my previous thread, you told me not to cut, well I did and I lost 17 pounds and got rid of my sticking out gut. Am I in a good position to bulk now? I at least look better than I did before that’s for sure

Thanks. Now I am pleased with my decision to cut first, I did it against the advice of most here, but I lost a large amount of bodyfat and it feels great. I’m in a better position to bulk now than I was before. Can you estimate my bodyfat?

kid you look the fucking same. Bulk, cut, whatever you want. My original advice of getting out of the bulk/cut mindset and concentrating on eating healthy and training hard still stands but you’re not looking for advice; you’re looking for validation.


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