Beefy Hollandia

hi, I’m 20 yo. Training for about 3 years seriously now… Last 2 years I’m training on Waterbury principes and it works great for me!
90kg. @ 1,76 m.

bench 145kg. haven’t done it in a while
fr-squat 165kg.

deads 220kg. haven’t done them for a year (glutes irritation/pain). Just starting to pick them back up again.
Chins 17xbw

L8’ss :wink:

lookin good, your back has alot of definition. Your also really lean work on putton on more muscle and youll look great. Posing needs work !

Any dude with John Fogerty in the background gets my vote.

I give you a solid 7.0. You have a great physique. Just need to keep adding mass.

You are definitely well on your way.

nice physique dude. i’d say traps and tri’s could use a little more attention, but definately excellent overall.

Tnx for reactions people :wink:

I thought it was pretty good of you to throw a routine together instead of some pics! Lat spread seemed good too! Wish i’d made the effort to look like this when i was 20!

Tnx mates :wink:

Here a leg picture:

Don’t know if it works, here’s the url:

Good job there adonis you got the look brother- get those lats up. You’re tall, I think so anyway, so you’e going to have to put on a lot more weight and judging by your body structure it’s not going to be a problem. You are Randy Orton-ish.