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Beef with Beef Protein

I just bought some beef protein, not because it’s cheap or trendy, but because I’m sensitive to whey/casein. I won’t drop names or link to the site, but the product is supposedly from fresh lean beef. I’m curious because I’ve seen a lot of people commenting on various message boards (this site included) that this is sourced from collagen. What is the basis of this theory? I understand that collagen would be cheaper, but I paid roughly $11 (USD) a pound. Are there any publicized cover ups? Based on the price argument alone, couldn’t you say that bulk whey could be spike with melamine?

I’m interested as well. I’ve seen a whole slew of new proteins on the market or at least on their way including chicken proteins, plasma proteins (which I presume is derived from blood) the list goes on…

Anyway my take on it is they are definitely not using quality muscle meat because that is for straight consumption and garners the best price. They must be able to extract protein from what it left over. Now there is nothing wrong with eating organ meats and such and there is suggestion that protein from these sources is better (something to do with muscle meat & methionine v the rest of the animal & glycine…Mark Sisson did a write up on it) but it would be nice to know how they make it.

I have often wondered what they did with all the organs & intestines that are not traditionally consumed any more…dog food yeh, but maybe there is more money to be made elsewhere?

…I had a Brazilian friend working over here in a beef processing plant and he and his Brazilian mates would routinely seek out rare gallstones and save them to bring back to Brazil. Apparently they are worth their weight in gold as medicinal products.

does your product include an amino acid spectrum? if so, you can easily check for yourself, since collagen is not a complete protein. It contains no Tryptophan and only traces of lysine, methionine, cystine, tyrosine and histidine.