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Beef Steroids


Here in the small, mid-western town I live in, there are a lot of ranchers in the area and I was having a discussion with a rancher buddy when the topic got around to steroids.

He said he used to lift and we were discussing how hard steriods are to get and the legality of them.

He then told me he buys steroids right off the shelf at the local Vet/Feed store for his cattle, designed to pack meat on them and why don't I just use them. He said he buys them no questions asked, complete with needles!

Whats funny, is he wasn't the first I've heard of this. I had another Hawaiian friend of mine, who said he got pretty huge (and he was) from beef steriods.

Any thoughts/experience on this?


Yeah, why buy when you can make them.


Synovex, and finaplex. The "BEEF STEROIDS" you are probably taking about are tren and test prop. Unless you are just talking about vetinary steroids which is what makes up a solid 40-50% of the what's on the market ie. Quality Vet. They don't have pictures of dogs and cats on the bottle becuase they're cute.


My last cycle was comprised totally of these 'cattle steroids' you mention.

I converted synovex-h implants into test prop.

I converted Finaplix-h into tren ace.

I gained 23 pounds of muscle.

They work very well.


So you just purchased them legally from the shelf, RJ? If this is true, why all the fuss about online superstores and that shady guy at the gym who always wears the long coat?

I know some AAS is not available from a farm depot store, but if the basics are available, wouldn't that eliminate the hassle? Maybe the rest can be had from a shady doc with an endless presciption pad?


Well there's still ancilliaries to get. Plus like you said not everyone just wants to run prop and tren (although it's real good). Plus it's still illegal. AND WE DON'T ALL LIVE IN COW TOWN!


do a search on search engine and youll see all you need to know about converting them, pic of the process ,what kits to buy, etc



I went into a vet supply store, and told them I needed to buy 100 doses of synovex-h. No muss. No fuss. No questions. We even talked about the price fo cattle.

For the Finaplix, it is locked up tighter than a drum these days. I didn't know this at the time, as I asked several different places and they all looked at me like I was on crack. But buying it on the internet was simple as pie. Just google Finaplix-h.

Because converting them is quite a hassle if you are trying to keep it a secret. My wife was toitally supportive, and I was able to do all my conversions in the kitchen. As for the long coats - I've never trained in a public gym. I have always trained alone. Either at the local highschool, or in my own gym.

Everything I needed for my cycle was purchased laegally and without fear of being caught. Nothing I had in my possession was illegal until I had completed the conversions and I had test prop and tren ace in their vials.

Some folks are a little scared to try conversions. For me - it was the easiest way that I knew to get into the AAS game.


I know someone that made a topical with Fina and DMSO. He bought both online from the same store, no questions asked. Now he didn't do it with the SYNOVEX, just Fina. So I'm wondering would you be able to combine the SYNOVEX with a DMSO to make a Test topical cream?


Can the cattel steroids be used without converting them?


Not really. Especially not the synovex. Part of the conversion of synovex includes the removal of the estradiol. Estradiol is estrogen. Not a good thing for men to be putting in their bodies.

There are some folks that pulverize the finaplix and make a transdermal out of it. I have no idea about the how to's or the why for's of that, though.


If you check a Merck manual it will give the solvent. It's some sort of alcohol but I forgot which one. Basically, you have to put crushed/powedered finaplix into a double boiler of the alcohol and cook it to the point of solution. Naturally, the trick is to not turn your kitchen stove into a bonfire. You want to slowly cook it as a reasonable temp. Then you just pour the soulution through a coffee filter. let the filter sit and dry.

The details of this are given in an early 90s issue of Muscle Media 2K. I know I have the highlighted issue around here somewhere. The things about this that would concern me the most (besides burning down the house) would be:

  1. dosage control
  2. DMSO can "burn" your skin

Also, if you have any contaminants that are small enough to get carried transdermally, they go into your system too.

-edit Google is your friend too. "convert Finaplix-h"


I would feel like some mad scientist and given my grades in chemistry, I would probably end up turning myself into a frog..

ribbit, ribbit.


Now the question is... What type of anti-e's (type, dosage, duration) would a finaplix cycle require? Also, how strong are the Biotest anti-e's? Can they actually help with a 'roid cycle?

I only know of a couple pharms and from about 10 years ago and seems like they are really expensive. What works?


Well first off if this is going to be your first cycle I wouldn't recommend running the tren alone alone unless of course you don't mind losing your sex drive, and pinning yourself ED is ok with you.

A proper search will answer your other questions. Good Luck.