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Beef Protein Isolate

I’m curious about beef protein isolates, ala Muscle Meds’ Carnivor line. Does anybody in here have any first-hand thoughts? How does it taste, how well does it mix?

I’ve tried their fruit punch and it tastes relatively okay and tolerable. It mixes very well but foams up a lot if you shake it up in a shaker cup.

It’s also really easy on the gut.

However, the stuff is pricey … good ole’ whey is still the best option in my opinion.

[quote]Patrick Arnold wrote:
So is this all a big lie? Well, I donâ??t think itâ??s necessarily a blatant lie because I truly believe these protein products are derived from cattleâ?¦â?¦…just not the part of the cattle you think. It is my conviction that these beef protein isolates are made from cattle bones, ligaments, hides, ears, and other miscellaneous throw away parts of the carcass. All of these pieces of cattle are treated with a series of hot water and dilute acid treatments and filtration steps to yield a thick viscous liquid that is usually then dried. You may be familiar with the end product. Itâ??s called gelatin.

Yes gelatin is a protein and yes it can be derived from cattle (and also from pigs and chickens). The unfortunate thing about gelatin however is its amino acid profile. Itâ??s pretty terrible. It consists mostly of three unessential amino acids â?? glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. It is deficient in the essential amino acids isoleucine, threonine, and methionine and contains no tryptophan whatsoever. So itâ??s a really poor protein source. Of course, combined with other protein sources that complement the amino acids that are lacking, gelatin can be a helpful contribution to oneâ??s daily protein intake. But by itself itâ??s a far cry from whey, egg, or even soy for that matter.


I’ve had it. I like the concept of having a protein that doesn’t have a milk based flavor to mix things up. Also, since it isn’t a milk based protein it mixes well with things that don’t mix with whey or casein, so more carb options like juices, gatorade, etc. Not sure how well that bottle of gatorade with 50g of vanilla ice creme whey will go down haha.

I’m not sure whether to give two shits as to whether the stuff is made of gelatin or not. Whey isn’ a garbage item, it’s really similar to gelatin as far as it being MADE into something useful for bodybuilders. Amino profile sucks? Amino mixes are added to whey and casein protein powders profiles all the time to improve their profiles. So, why is everyone hating on beef isolates so much? Is there more to it? I also sort of wonder where all the calcium is if it’s made of some chemically broken down skin and bone… Calcium is low enough that you can take a zinc supplement with this stuff, which actually makes for an interesting intra workout drink.

Personally, I’d like to see other forms of protein, especially something like Carnivor studied a little bit more. People are averse as hell to anything different, and for good reason for all the gimmicks, but still seems like some good potential out of a product like this if it’s used right.

I’ve got through 5 lbs of the Blue Raspberry Carbovir.

Mixes well, taste isn’t too bad. Is kinda refreshing from whey based drinks as well.

Only one issue… I notoriously have quite a strong stomach however. This stuff fuckin ruined my guts completely. Anymore than 1 scoop a day and my shit was blue. And i mean blue, like i crapped a fucking smurf out.

4 scoops a day and my shits were atomic. Farts fucking hummed, explosive craps. Came very close to shitting myself at the Mall, sanding still screaming holding my butt cheeks together, eventually made it to the bathroom and god forbid i won’t go into details… but you know what scene from dumb and dumber? Yep just like that.

Would use again :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.