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Does anyone know a good supplier of beef jerky so i can get some shipped. i like it as a snack that you just keep chooin’.

Its like rocking horse poo to get in the uk.

any tips…

I have never use them but here is a site in the UK.


I do not know if you can get any beef products from the US with the BSE scare. The beef jerky we get does not ship internationally.


tall tom are you based in us, originally from uk?

If you are, i may know you!

ooh scary…!

Another option is to make your own. There have been a couple of threads in the past about this. Run a search if you’re interested. I’ve made a couple of batches using nothing more than lean ground beef, some spices and my regular kitchen oven with excellent results. The best part is, you know exactly what’s in it and can control the amount of salt and spice to suit your taste and needs.

i love beef jerky. i use to get a huge bag of it at a BJs wholesale type store. go to any convience store, they always have beef jerky.

Here’s a recipe from strongman Jesse Marunde:

Sarge’s Beef Brisket

This one is a favorite that Sarge prepares for road trips to contests. We eat it like finger food out of a big zip lock bag. Serve w/ plain baked potatoes and plenty of milk!

Season Liberally w/ salt, pepper and chopped garlic
Wrap tightly in 3 layers of foil
Bake @ 225 degrees for 6 hours.
Slice meat cross grain

I’ve made this and it’s like a very tender jerky. A plus is brisket tends to be cheaper cut of meat.

don’t limit your search to beef:

buffalo jerkey is awesome and so is game jerky: venison, antelope, elk , etc.

all are leaner than beef and are across the board made from higher quality meat/ healthier animals and with no crap added. the site i use- mountainamericajerky.com- only ships us though …

i hear ted nugent makes jerky called "ted nugent’s gonzo meat biltong ". but i’ve never had it. ted is awesome !

also ted’s slogan is “can’t beat our meat”
which is my perhaps the best slogan since micky mantle’s chicken’s “to get a better piece of chicken you’d have to be a rooster.”

Hi miniross, i lived in sthwest london for a year (near Twickenham), and found a great little store in Richmond that sold jerky, biltong, and a range of other ‘interesting’ foods.
This particular shop sold a lot of things catered to expats from Sth Africa. Perhaps there is something similar near where you live?
hope this helps.

[quote]KiloSprinter wrote:
i love beef jerky. i use to get a huge bag of it at a BJs wholesale type store. go to any convience store, they always have beef jerky.[/quote]

not in the UK though.

i will look for the home made stuff though.

an i have ordered some.
looking forward to it.

Making some tommorrow.

marinading currently.

looking forward to it and will post whether or not i puke.