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Beef Jerky

I live in the UK and just got some beef jerky, however its marrinaded with sugar, at the moment I’m dieting following the T-Dawg with massive eating food combining and don’t want high insulin levels, will this have a high GI or is it low due to the high protein content ?

Heres the nutritional info on the packet.

Per 100g

50.4 g Protein
3.4 g Carbs
3.7 g Fat

What do you guys think ?

I don’t think you have to worry about jacking up insulin levels significantly if thats the macro breakdown. 3 grams or so of carbs, even if all them come from sugar will not do that much in terms of spiking insulin. If I recall, JB also mentioned that in P+F meals a small number of carbs < 10 are fine.