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Beef Jerky

OK, I love beef jerky, I could eat the stuff all day long if I had the money to do so. SO my question is does anybody know if the protein in Jerky is High quality or not. Also would it be better to make my own with one of those dehydraters I see on TV?

I have always wondered the same thing, so I’d love to hear this as well.

I myself am just as much, if not moreso a fan of soy jerky. Stuff costs me 60 cents a bag wholesale (my fiancee’s business tends to keep my food and supplement costs low!) and the nutritional info is as follows: 15g soy protein, 6g fat (all unsaturated) 6g carbs of which 3g are from dietary fiber. When I get my hands on a case, I end up eating 4-6 packs per day. For those who doubt, the stuff actually tastes great; I was skeptical until I tried it! I know many people here are against soy, but since I incorporated a mixture of about 40-80g soy protein in my diet each day the gains have been better, and for those who think that the whole phytoestrogen thing is an issue, let me say it isn’t. Well, enough ranting. Jerky rocks!


Beef Jerkey is not a good protein because:
The more cooked a meat is you will DENATURE the enzymes!

HUSKER, what enzymes are we talking about in beef that are essential to proper absorption and utilization? Also, jerky is less cooked than other meats, since we are DEHYDRATING it, not truly cooking it. Nonetheless, all meats tend to be medium on the bioavailability scale. This is not saying that they are not good, just that they are less than say whey, egg or casein powders.

Jerkey is beef, and EVERYONE knows beef is a great protein source. I’m a big jerkey eater too and I’ll just buy huge amounts from someplace like Costco, I see no reason to get a dehydrater.

ya I get the Pacific Gold Brand from costco most of the time as well.

I eat jerky several times a week for my afternoon protein snack. I bought a dehydrator at the local Wal-Mart for about $40 and a $15 kit that included spices and a “jerky gun” to shape the meat. Here’s how it works – you take two pounds of lean (the leanest you can get) ground beef and mix it with a packet of spices and cure. I then add a teaspoon of Cayenne pepper and 3 teaspoons of black pepper. You put that mixture in the “jerky gun” to shape it and put the strips in the dehydrator. After 4 or 5 hours you have beef jerky.

The dehydrator is basically a big fan and low temperature oven (155 degrees F). I’ve been told that 155 isn’t high enough to denature the protein. Please don’t tell me otherwise!

Deer jerkey is the best. I go out in the woods and shoot a deer with my bow and arrow. The deer is land raised no steroids or hormones and I get about 70 poundds of meat off the dear. If you dont like to hunt, thats great to, maybe you could find someone in your area that does and pay them a little to shoot a deer for you, great source of protein