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beef jerky sticks recipe

 Does anyone know how to make beef jerky sticks? They shoulod be a perfect snack that u can carry anywhere. Most beef jerky have soy in them, and as such i would like to make my own if possible. any advice? Renegade chef, ur the cook around here, u have any info?

Here’s my recipe, but I lost the paper, so this one is off the top of my head. As such you’ll have to season to taste in case I wrote a tbsp (tablespoon)where a tsp (teaspoon) should be. I get a can of beer, and pour it into a bowl. Then 3 tbsp of salt, 3 of pepper, 2 tsp of cayenne pepper, 1 tbsp hot sauce, 2 tbsp soy sauce (this is a really small amount, especially because much of it eveaporates), 2 tbsp sugar, 2 whole garlic bulbs. Marinate thinly sliced flank steak in this mix, then lay the strips out on a grill pan in the oven, and alternate between broiling it and 100-150 degress. After a couple of batches, you’ll figure out what you like. This is a pretty spicy recipe.

You can use flank steak, but it is expensive, so I would use top round, cut in to 1/8"inch thick slices. Flavor your meat with either a marinade or rub (teriyaki or cajun spice etc, let me know if you need some ideas). If you want that smoky flavor, you can put it on the barbecue, and with LOW flame, give it a cold smoke, (just a couple of briquets, and and some wood chips, you want smoke, not heat) 15-20 minutes should be plenty. Some people use liquid smoke, but I think it’s nasty. Next set your oven to 150, and lay your meat out on wire racks (sheet pans underneath). Put your meat in the oven, and wedge a wooden spoon (or something similar) in the door to keep it slightly ajar (this will keep it at a lower temp). Allow your meat to dry for about 5 hours or more depending on the thickness.

Hi guys,

I jerk a bout four pounds of meat every week (wild game). After putting up with smoking it in a smoker I decided to buy a dehydrator it works great.

For two pounds of meat:

5 cups water
3/4 cup dark brown sugar
2 1/2 TBSN of fine sea salt
6 TBSN liquid smoke
1/3 cup ground pepper corns.

Let marinate for eight hours.
Dehydrate for eight hours, longer if cut thicker than 1/8 inch.

Add whatever spices to this basic mixture. I have smoked hundreds of pounds of meat and just stick to this basic recepie I came up with anymore, it seems to go over well with most everyone.

I let the meat marinate on the counter at room temperature and shake the mixture up at least once in the cycle.

My last batch was with sirloin for my wife and it turned out well.