Beef Jerky/ Biltong in the UK

Quick one really, does anyone order beef jerky or biltong online in the UK?

In the supermarkets its quite expensive and there are loads of places on line but wondering if anyone has somewhere they use that they’d recommend.

Thank you

Do you have a dehydrator or an oven you can use? You can make your own very easily and much cheaper than store bought (I’m guessing, beef jerky is ridiculously expensive in the US)

I bought some biltong from a food market in Keswick, Cumbria, produced by a south African. Fantastic, but pricey. Trouble is I can’t touch the supermarket rubbish anymore. His online shop is Lake District Biltong. Have yet to try make it myself.

Savanna has the best - you can shop online too.

Where are you based? Assume it’s not London or WImbledon, there are SA shops everywhere there!

As @boilerman suggested, it’s worth making your own. I bought a food dehydrator and buy meat from Costco, works out less than a third of the price and is better quality, plus you can tailor it to your own taste.


Based in the midlands in the uk. My Zimbabwean mate used to provide it but he moved back to Suffolk so I’m back to buying on the internet.