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Beef Jerkey

OK guys, help me out here. I live in England and sometimes I think we don’t speak the same language as you Yankees. Chips are not chips, they’re crisps. Fries are called chips. Jelly is not jelly - it’s Jam, a traditional English receipe. Jell-o is not jell-o, it’s jelly. Confused yet? Bear with me. Granola is Museli, or Alpen, not granola. So what the hell is beef jerkey? Seriously, if you ask an Englishman (where we speak the Queen’s English) they will never have heard of granola, jell-o, and have a totally different meaning for chips and jelly. Sorry for the rant, but I just get confused sometimes (my medication is due too). So, will somebody PLEASE tell me WHAT THE HELL IS BEEF JERKEY?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Dried meat, sometimes smoked, somtimes cured.

That’s hilarious. Beef jerkey is basically just smoked meat. I think meat means the same thing no matter what type of english you speak, right?

It is a big dumb guy!

Actually, it’s more than just smoked meat. Usually, the meat is given spicing and then pounded flat with a hammer. This makes it look like thick leather. THEN it’s smoked. It’s very tasty, and usually low in fat (if you get the right brand). It’s also very tough and won’t rot. In North America, I’d say that the Natives make most of it (or did at least, before it caught on).

Tasty leather, that’s how I’d describe it.

Thanks guys. Yes I am a big dumb guy :slight_smile: but seriously I don’t think we have beef jerkey in England (or if we have I’ve never come across it). We do have those pepperami things which are like long sausages with spices but they’re made with pork, are very low in protein, high in fat and taste like crap. Does anyone know any brand names of beef jerkey as it may help my searches. Thanks guys, big dumb guy.

Best to make your own…out of any lean meat…red or white…ie lean beef, deer, turkey, and even salmon or other wild game. Trim and cut lean meat into 1/8 - 1/4 inch thick strips…then some use brine solution to flavor and cure meat…others use dry method by coating with seasoning salts and let season over nite…then dry in either food dehydrator or dry in low temp oven at 150-200 degrees F until dehydrated…usually 3-5 hours or some dry in a meat smoker…what ever method used results in very lean but tasty strips of dehydrated meat which stores well and can be transported without refrigeration…check around and you will find a zillion recipe variations…most smokers and dehydraters come with recipes.

Maybe we should mail him some beef jerky. We can’t let out t-brothers in England go to bed hungry. :slight_smile:

First thing, it’s beef jerky, not jerkey. Issue 221 recommends a jerky and I have heard good things about beefjerky.com

Yeah, maybe could send a stone or two of jerky to his flat, so he could have an easy snack while he’s out driving on the motorway.

Ya know, I think is a brilliant idea that you guys send me some beef jerky, but I would wouldn’t I! If not I’ll have to try making my own, but I’m not a very good cook which was why I was asking about beef jerky in the first place! It seems like a nice, quick and easy protein plus fat meal (when eaten with some mixed nuts), but I suppose the making it myself route would take away the quick and easy bit. Anyway people, thanks for all your help, and if any of you are up for helping out a t-brother in need I would be very grateful and sure to return the favor with something you Yankees don’t have which us Brits do. Thanks again.

lol Big Dave. I’m a kiwi and replace the ‘stone’ with kilo and that sentence sounded just like we’d say.

I think Healthy2Day in the UK is selling beef jerky.
Check it out.

I dont have a food dehydrator, but id like to make some using an oven, where can i get further instructions??

WWW.WILDWESTJERKY.CO.UK sell beef jerky in the uk.
It might catch on…

No beef jerkey!!! What tha hell is goin on in England! I probably eat a pound of tha shit a week.

hey there! i live in england too but i’m from south africa originally - we have a (i think better) version of jerkey called “biltong”. if you want to try it - and you should! - you can get this from any specialist shop. there is one in london called “african enterprises” at 0207 839 5707 and i think they ship all over the uk. biltong follows the same process as jerkey but it’s a lot chunkier - you can buy it in little strips or great big chunks that you cut off with a knife (very manly!). there are loads of variations too - you can have traditional beef or go crazy with zebra, gemsbok, wildebeest (kind of like buffalo), ostrich and even shark! it’s packed with protein and is fairly low fat because of the drying process. a fantastic option for snacking he-men! hope that helps!!

So where is the cheapest place online to get jerky?? Anyone??