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Beef Hearts


Got your attention.

Just wondering if anyone else eats these. Man bought some today just to try out tomorrow. Figure they will make a great stir fry addition or Carne beef and veggies, something of the like. I will be having it in my whole food PWO meal.

Just found it interesting VERY cheap. $1.40lb and LEAN as hell. 112 k/cals per 100g high protein (18g per 100g portion) and no carbs. An easy way to get a great protein source and you can then add healthy fats Avacado, nuts etc. It only has 4 g fat per 100g and only 1.38 is sat fats not that sats are BAD just I get enough from my eggs, and well everything else.

I am sure it is one of those cuts that needs to be sliced thin or slow cooked/smoked being TOUGH but I am weird and dont mind chewing my meat though you cant beat a rib eye every now and again.

Just wanted to throw this out there as a CHEAP option. I bought a lb and will tell you if it is NOT good. LOL.

If its anywhere near good I will be a return customer being a poor art grad.

Always on the look out,



Absolutely. I love them thin sliced & fried. Elk heart is also great.


Philll, you mean for dogs, right? DOGS love beef hearts.

BTW-I can no longer share a room with you in Phoenix. Freak.


I don't eat them often, but I'll have some every once in a while.

I boil them (healthier and when it comes to beef heart, actually tastier), them chop them into very small pieces and mix with minced garlic and whatever spices you may want.

I swear a couple of pounds of beef heart, a good fist-full of garlic and lots of hot spices makes for some of the most anabolic meals I've ever tried.

Also, I suggest you add some virgin olive oil to the mix, as well as a good amount of salt.


OK I will be getting more of these bad boys had been a while and they are damn good.

Remind me of beef brisket in taste and texture. Boiled 1/2lb up in some hotsauce, garlic, cumin, cilantro. Poured it ontop of a bunjch of lightly cooked vegges (onion cauli, green peppers, etc.) and avacadoe. Good stuff. I will have to do some beef stir fry with the rest.

Oh and Dave I dont recall offering to share a room with your Canadian A$$. Your one to talk living off of pop tarts, sucrose, and other nutrient lacking foods on the side of your plate of Baby seal meat. HA By the way got it booked and all.



Slow cooking only works for meats with collagenous (is that a word?) connective tissue which breaks down over a long time on low heat, tenderizing the meat.


Popo, is that you???? OMG, cooking freaky organ meats, are you my Chinese Grandma in disguise?

Some chinese people are known to eat organ meats that no one else will (cow hearts/brains/kidneys, pork livers/stomachs, fish eyes/heads- at least in my family). "Popo" (grandma) would make soup out of the beef heart, which imparted a sweety-meaty flavor. She'd boil the heart whole, some chicken feet, chopped carrots, chopped onion, these dried red berry things, these small dried white forest nuts, dried barley, some ginger and some garlic Served over hot rice. Usually, though, the heart was discarded once the soup was finished cooking.

You're looking for cheap meat, do you have a chinatown nearby? If so, check out their meat and poultry market. It's often much cheaper there.


Chinadoll - I sure hope the chicken feet were discarded too!


The feet were not discarded. Commonly considered a tasty treat, and with built in toothpicks(toenails) to boot, they're a favorite!