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Beef Brisket Ideas?

At the grocery store today, they have beef brisket on sale for 99cents/pound. I would like to stock up on this, but I was wondering how to cook it other than a roast. I do believe that the neighbors in Texas slow cook it in a smoker. I would like some recipes so I can fix several of theese and put in the freezer for ready meals. KO, I’m sure you have some good recipes, if you don’t mind sharing them. Thanks in advance, -The Starkdog

Brisket is what they use to make corned beef, and also a favorite of BBQer’s. Brisket is very high in fat, 15g per 3 oz. ,if you trim the fat. The other problem is that it has lots of connective tissue, which means it takes a long time to cook it properly (liquid cooking or roasting at low temp) . It is not an ideal cut if you are short on time, and watching your fat. If you are still interested in using it let me know.

Ko: Ever thougt about to write a articel named “The art of bodybuilderfood” or “Food for knockout” ? Just a suggestion :slight_smile:
PS I´m a little borded in the kitchen just know so I would like some new ideas.

I am thinking about it, just need to take the time to do it.

here in Oklahoma Brisket is slow cooked - the high fat content is a misnomer. Reason is that the fat, rather than being imedded, or marbled, within the meat, actually forms a layer on top of the meat - and when the meat is pulled from the smoker, you literally take a knife and scrape in one or two fell swoops the fat layer right off the top. What you have left is lean, tender meat.

Hey i think that would make an excellent article… All about meats and what to look for in meat when buying… and of course bodybuilder type recepies.

Since he mentioned Texas folk, I might as well jump in and say something. Slow cooking is a good method. You can put it in the oven, or on the pit. Now the oven method can be carried over to the pit. The flavor will change a little. What you do is get a big aluminum cooking pan, the ones you throw away. Put the brisket in there and season it. I put salt, pepper, worchstishire(sp?)sauce,butter, onion, a couple lemons and maybe a little bell peper. You cover it with foil and cook it on 200-250 in the oven or on the pit. The last hour or two you wrap it in just foil and let it cook. You can reverse this process also. You just marinade it in the pan, then put it on the pit, wrapped in foil, then last hour or two put it in the pan. Now the real Texas way is to get a case of Miller Lite,Or other beer, I have found Miller works good. You get some friends and barbeque. Cook it at 200-250. No hotter. Get a big pot and put the following ingredients in it. Salt, pepper, vinegar, garlic salt, lemon pepper, an onion chopped, butter,worsteshire sauce, or A-1, some mustard, and a coulpe beers. Then get a “sop” mop. Depending on how many you are cooking, is how much “sop” you make. Just apply this to the brisket as it cooks. That way it does not dry out. A briket takes from 4-6 hours it depends on your temp, and the way you like it. Feel free to drink the rest of the beer, cause if you are eating brisket, then you must be bulking.

You are correct,that some of the fat does come to the surface and can be removed, just like any other dry cooking technique. However with brisket, when the fat pockets melt, the fat disperses throughout the meat. Note, I did not say it was a bad cut of meat, but not optimal for what most of the people on this site are looking for. Eye of round has a 1/4 the fat and does not need as much special attention when prepared. As you know, BBQ brisket, takes some serious skill to prepare correctly

KO- I did buy a 15 lb brisket. Frist, I cut it into 3 pieces. Then I trimmed most of the fat off, and seasoned a brisket for slow cooking. The others I put in the freezer. I also made some BBQ sauce for the brisket, but with your expertise I was wondering what other marinades or ways to cook this would you suggest. Right now, I am in ketosis, so some fat is not bad, but the other 2 briskets I trimmed well. I was thinking of either using a fajita style seasoning on one of the briskets, and maybe a teriyake(sp)style seasoning for the other. What a change from the fresh “Slaughterhouse” steaks in Chicago, to the “fry it(catfish or chicken) 4 times” style here in Arkansas. I swear that Arkansas is the Trans-Fatty Acid capitol in the world. Anyhow, thanks for the input guys. -The Starkdog

Making a good brisket, is not one of my specialties. I recently bought a barrel smoker, with offset firebox, and intend to give it a good workout this summer, but until then I would scour the web, and thumb through some BBQ books. The key to cooking a brisketis,LONG (time), and LOW (temp).