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Beef and chicken

Does anyone know how many grams of protein chicken and beef have per six ounces? Also, how do you all feel about eating six ounces of lean red meat a day?

I eat alot more than 6 oz a day.

I usually just use 7 grams per ounce as my rule of thumb. AND, DO NOT EXCLUDE RED MEAT FROM YOUR DIET. I EAT CLOSE TO FIVE POUNDS PER WEEK AND IT WORKS VERY WELL.

The amount of protein for a 4oz chicken breast with skin is 35grams of protein and 5 grams of fat. Therefore you are looking at about 52.5 grams of protein for 6 oz of chicken breast with skin. As for red meat I wouldn’t recommend everyday maybe every other day and whatever you do take some kind of fiber. The average person dies with 22 lbs of undigested beef in there body.

Yes beef and milk are assets to growth.

There are many food calorie counter paperback books that you can purchase that tells you the Protein, Carbs and Fat totals per serving - you may want to investigate.


chicken – 9 grams per ounce
beef – 8 grams per ounce

Six ounces? You’re kidding right? I eat beef at least 4-5 times a week. And I typically eat at least 8 ounces and usually a pound or more per day!!! I love my beef!

I eat red meat every day …to get lean no less. All the stuff you hear about saturated fat being bad, causing heart disease and all that…don’t believe it. The fat theory of nutrition (that all our bad health is due to high fat intake, saturated fats, meat products) is a myth. Fat (particularily red meat) is the food human beings have been genetically adapted to eat for 2.3 million years at least.

Your kidding right fellas…How can u be gaining without eating lots of red meat…I laughed for ages with your comment Nate…“I love my read meat”-4-5 times a day, start eating and grow my man…anyways i eat 5 meals of read meat a day approximately 8 ounces per meal and 2 chicken meals a day…Sorry if i have pissed anyone off

I love eating six ounces of beef per meal! (Oh, wait. Was your question different…?)

Here’s a link to a great website for nutritional information. Once you choose the food you are interested in you can enter various amounds and have it calculate the grams of protien and such for you.
hope you guys find this useful.

“The average person dies with 22 lbs of undigested beef in their body”
Cowboys27-I have heard this one too, but I think its a Vegan-bullshit-myth to push us towards eating soy-burgers, so we will start buying their organic hemp Man-sieres (or Bro’s).
Think about it.
Does this mean 22 lbs. of your lean body mass is actually in your intestines???
Who is the researcher that studied this?
How would they find this out, anyway???
And who has the “shit” job of weighing this undigested beef???

I agree, red meat is what we’re made to run on, no doubt about it. I stick with leaner cuts, like top round or eye round. But eat 2-3 lbs. of it “a day”. I’m working on cutting while keeping or building muscle and its working for me. Top Round has the most protein per serving, there’s 27grams in a 3oz. cooked serving, and only 4g of fat. Supplement with some omega-3’s to make up for what’s lost from them being fed grain, CLA if u can afford it, and thats about as ideal a food as you can find, unless u can afford grassfed.