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Beef and Body Comp


The more and more I look over forums, I see so many bigger guys recommending beef as a protein source over others like chicken, fish, eggs etc... Also, I think Hernon is a big advocate of beef-aminos/powders.

Basically, I wanted ask WHAT makes beef better than other protein sources in regard to body-comp?


its denser than chicken breast.

your question is virtually unanswerable unless the person trying to answer asks you at least a few questions first.

It really doesnt make sense. Its based on an assumption that may or may not be true (and there are more variables involved)


Calorie dense, delicious and higher in fat than protein sources that some people seem to instinctively go for. I don't know that any of that makes it better than protein source x, but it is certainly a good choice in many situations.

If nothing else, a recomendation of "add a pound of beef a day" is an easy way to fix the "I just can't gain weight" problem that a lot of people ask for help with.


i dont know how many times I've heard "IF you wanna loose weight stick to poultry and fish adding beef maybe 2x a week... if you wanna get bigger then stick with BEEF".

But yea as stated above, Beef is alot more calorie dense so if trying to pack in calories its gonna be pretty hard with lean chicken breasts or Tilapia (Salmon being the wiser option). Kinda common sense tho


well yeah, i realize beef typically has a higher fat content than chicken but i dont understand why some people are pro-beef when a chicken breast and olive oil could hit the same macros...


Beef isn't "better" or "worse" in regards to body composition compared to other commonly eaten protein sources. The effect of a given food is largely determined by its macronutrient and micronutrient content and how it fits into an individual's diet (the context of its inclusion).

In general, beef is more energy-dense (larger amount of calories per weight and volume) than the other protein sources you listed because of its higher fat content. This makes beef usually a good choice for people who have both large caloric and protein requirements in their diet but can also be included in diets of people who don't. Any major nutritional differences can be seen simply by comparing any given cut of beef with any other protein sources on nutritiondata.com. You'll see that they have varying amounts of protein/fat for a given caloric or weighted amount of food and this is where the primary difference lies. Also, you'll notice different amounts of vitamins and minerals per serving of each.

Overall, the main advantage in my mind is that beef tastes better than fish, chicken, turkey, and eggs, at least in my opinion.


I don't think anyone is claiming that beef is better. I think many would claim that variety is good. Chicken + evoo is also still very low in saturated fat and cholesterol, both of which are important. I think beef is an excellent recomendation for the frequently fat-phobic dieter who claims to eat lots of chicken and evoo and still can't grow.

I would also recommend lamb, salmon and other fatty meats.


Because any sane person would rather eat beef than chicken breast with a tablespoon of olive oil?


Red meat--not limited to beef--has more nutrients than its white-fleshed counterparts...heme iron, zinc, creatine, fat-soluble vitamins, etc.

Also, the lean-beef aminos Hernon recommends are sourced from beef collagen and don't really have much in common with actual beef


i guess i wasnt good at getting my point across. this is what i was referring


several posters including PX seem to hint that beef has more "anabolic properties" than other meats


They're all pretty much saying what has all ready been said in this thread. Calorically dense, higher in micro nutrients, higher in fats that are beneficial for body building purposes, delicious. I'm really not sure that you're going to get any other answers. If there's any magic to it, it's the result of one or more of the factors that have been listed so far.


yah thats what i figured but im probably jsut over complicating it... could have swore i was missing something


Beef just tastes better and when you eat meat on a by-the-pound basis you want something tasty.

Chicken's good, beef's better.


A recent study (that I'm not allowed to post on here)concluded that red meat was detrimental to health (compared to white meat). I became concerned - considering the amount I eat. Have thought about switching almost exclusively to chicken and fish, but for taste/protein/fat can't do it.

Anyone able to put my mind at rest over red meat fears?

Sorry for hijack.


Why can't you post it? Can you summarize it? What does "detrimental to health" mean? Was the entire diet of the test subjects controlled? Hard to respond to a vague question like this.


Anobolic properties

Good saturated fat (even if you get a lean cut, espcially if you get grass fed beef)
Iron (good protection agianst anemia, good for good red blood cell count)
creatine (beef contains good amounts)
Zinc (heavy zinc, big mineral for testostorne production)
magnesium (another good mineral for muscle growth and preventing cramping)

There are a couple special amminos in beef that help with recovery. I cannot remember te the names off the top of my head.

The two things that are basically as good as taking steriods

Orgainic grass fed beef
Orgainic omega 3 free range eggs.

Dave palumbo has a low carb diet especally involving alot of fatty beef and fatty fish.


Beef is awesome.


I like beef because it is easier to cook on the forman grill, I'm always worried about chicken being under cooked, plus beef is even more better than chicken once it becomes left overs for some reason(chicken gets too dry)


for the creatinzzz


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