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Bedtime Stack

I’m precontest right now and started stacking the following:


Optimum Nutrition ZMA ( 1 pill )
Xyience XNGF (1 pill )
Ultimate Nutrition GABA ( 1 pill )

Has anyone else tried this stack or want to try it and give feedback?

A get a pretty good night sleep, other than the fact I wake up to take a 2 minute piss at 2:30 AM every morning.

I’ve noticed more vascularity from this stack. I can’t tell wether its actually working or not to get me leaner…

I’m still very sore from my workouts the next day, even though my reps are higher (15-20) for my finishing sets of each of my exercises.

[quote]sugaraddict wrote:
I’m precontest right now and started stacking the following:[/quote]

Isn’t everyone technically precontest, unless they are literally in the middle of a contest when they post?

I take Melatonin and ZMA pre-bedtime and have notice an improvement in my sleep. I’ve never tried the other two you mentioned, but if they work or help go for it. I don’t think ZMA helps vascularity, so it could be that you just have better water regulation on that stack than anything.

Wicked… The dreams I’m having on this stack are unreal. Maybe it’s just the ZMA but when I stack them, I feel like I’m in an old Incredible Hulk movie with Bill Bixby and Lou.