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Bedtime shake

if i put some flax oil in grow before bed will the carbs + fat be bad? i can’t afford to buy both advanced protein and grow right now.

depends on your total caloric intake

Boxcar!!! Don’t do that. I tried it before and it didn’t work. I gain fat. If you have a high blood level of carb and fat at the same time, the fat will be stored right away (refer to massive eating). Consume the flax oil divided equally among with other PROTEIN meals during the day (not with carbs) and NO FAT for bedtime meal.

Can you afford cheese? Cheese b4 bed is perfect me thinks. Otherwise, i’d stay below 5 grams of fat (from flax) with your Grow.

although it may not be as pleasant, eat a chicken breast or two, or a can of tuna (put some BBQ sauce on top so you can stand it). You have to digest the whole food, so it lasts longer than so called “slow proteins” during your overnight fast- learned this from Dr. Eric Serrano.

dman, it seems to make sense to eat whole foods for slower digestion/absorption during sleep (my preference is eggs). My question regarding this is whether whole foods vs. liquids would cause abdominal distention over time. During less active evening activities/sleep, the abs are needed less for support so they tend to relax. Continous (higher volume?) late night feedings prior to sleep may lead to a protruding gut. Any thoughts as to the validity of this concern, and the preference of whole vs. liquid foods for the final meal?

thanks for the input folks

hmm, what Serrano recomends is eating the whole food an hour and a half before bed. I don’t think distension should be a problem because if i understand his recommendation right,it seems one should just eat that tuna can or just those 2 chicken breasts. That isn’t a whole lot of food. Shouldn’t, i would think, cause a lot of bloating, or dead weight in your stomach, and probably has less total volume than a big grow! shake (not sure if that matters though).