Bedtime Protein Snack

I have read multiple articles saying a bedtime snack with protein is good to help with muscle repair/building overnight. If so, what are some reasonable protein snacks to have before bedtime? I am assuming nothing really high in calories is great.

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This is an easy one: One scoop of MD Protein stirred into yogurt. Change toppings depending on your needs and likes.

Or if you’ve got 5 minutes:


Do you recommend greek yogurt?

Just avoid stuff with added sugar. If you’re keeping calories under control, go for fat-free Greek.


Stupidly simple is 2 scoops of Metabolic Drive mixed with some hot water to make a pudding.


I’ve been doing a scoop of Metabolic Drive in a serving of Greek yogurt before bed for longer than I can remember.

With Chocolate Metabolic Drive, sometimes I’ll mix in a little coconut oil and top with dark chocolate.


I normally do a 2 scoop MD shake, fish oil, some raw veggies, and some flax seed crackers for fiber - my bro science thinks that will all slow it down so during sleep my body will always have something to work with.

Oh, and ZMA 30 minutes before.


Some high protein cereal + high protein milk.

We also usually keep some boiled eggs and cottage cheese around, and that’s a gross way to choke down some grams.

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Anyone have their sleep disrupted with a meal before bed? A casein shake before bed messed with my sleep.